Berkshire Pontoon Reviews: Best Boat (2022)

Berkshire Pontoon Reviews: When it comes to pontoon boats, the Berkshire nameplate has a wide selection of options, all at various price points.

Forest River Marine introduced the Berkshire series in 2009. As a subsidiary of Forest River Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles, Forest River Marine produces boats.

Berkshire Pontoon Reviews

We’ll find out today if Berkshire boats can be relied upon.

How Excellent Are Berkshire Pontoons?

Berkshire Hathaway is on top of its game regarding style and substance!

Fishing and entertainment are included in the design of these vessels. There is a wide range of prices and degrees of luxury to choose from.

In terms of smaller boats, you might want to look into the 20C and the 200 Series 217F. The Berkshire brand’s reputation for quality and value are combined in this affordable bundle.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, Berkshire has some of the best pontoon boats to choose from!

How Dependable Are Berkshire Pontoons?

You may keep your individual deck designs while increasing your horsepower capacity with Berkshire models’ elegance and performance enhancements.

Their spaciousness is yet another great perk. It is Berkshire’s promise that you will have adequate space to achieve all of your fishing and entertainment plans with your pontoon boat.

As a bonus, Berkshire pontoons reviews have found a way to provide unique packages at affordable pricing.

There have been several CSI Awards given to Forest River Marine’s parent firm, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

This is a reflection of Berkshire’s efforts to ensure that customers receive a high-quality product.

Berkshire Pontoon Reviews

How Sturdy Are Berkshire Pontoons?

In its design, they strive to create decks that are both long-lasting and simple to maintain.

Anyone who owns a boat does not want to spend more time cleaning it than is absolutely required. This is especially crucial to keep in mind after a long day of fishing on the boat.

The 52-inch center nose exceeds the standard by four inches. Thus, Berkshires offer enhanced speed, hydrodynamics, fuel efficiency, and riding comfort as a direct result.

Skin effectively manages water and airflow for exceptional agility, durability, and overall performance combined with roll-formed aluminum underdeck performance.

If you choose a high-end model, you may add bars and slides to your design.

Your pontoon boat will stand out from the crowd with these two unique features.

Berkshire Pontoon Boat Reviews

Berkshire pontoons come in various floorplans and performance levels, so they’re sure to meet your needs. These boats are great for multiple purposes, from enormous family fun to water sports. Don Johnson Motors in New Haven, CT, carries a great selection of Berkshire boats. You can find a perfect model for you by visiting their dealership.


The prices of the Berkshire pontoon boats are affordable, especially considering the high quality and performance of these boats. These boats are great for fishing or entertaining and are available in various luxury levels to meet every budget. The 20C and 200 Series 217F are two examples of lower-priced boats that still offer the luxury and performance that you’d expect from Berkshire. These are two of the most popular pontoon boats, and they’re great for family outings.


The STS Series is one of the highest-end offerings from Berkshire Pontoons. This line offers more floor plans, a more extensive selection of color choices, and performance packages that Who can customize for a particular purpose. This is the perfect pontoon for those who enjoy the thrill of attention and excitement while out on the water. It is available in several floorplans and comes with various options, including fishing gear and fishing accessories.


The performance of a Berkshire pontoon depends on its components. The bow of a Berkshire pontoon features a lip, which can get wet if too many people are on deck. In addition, the backs of Berkshire pontoons are not completely sealed, but the quality of the components makes up for this drawback. However, customers have nothing to complain about despite its limitations after spending a day on crystal blue water.


One of the best things about a Berkshire pontoon is its quality and durability. This brand of float has a stellar reputation in the industry. They have been manufacturing pontoon boats for many years and have proven that they produce the best boats possible. The Berkshire brand offers a variety of pontoons, including mid-range and entry-level models. However, they are not top-of-the-line or luxury line pontoon boats.


The Berkshire pontoon is a large recreational boat with an 8’6″ deck and a seating capacity of 11 passengers. This model has a person capacity of 1,500 pounds and is available in a base model with LED navigation lights and a low-back helm chair. The basic model of this boat also includes attractive vinyl weave flooring for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Upgrade packages include vinyl furniture, blackout trim packages, and performance upgrades.

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What Concerning Older Berkshire Pontoons?

Forest River Marine introduced the Berkshire series in 2009. An outstanding pick was Berkshire’s 20CL 2.0. This Berkshire pontoon boat’s deck measured 8’6″ wide by 18’7″ long. It can carry up to 11 people with a combined weight of 1,525 pounds.

Smaller boats in the STS Fishing Series have a more extensive deck area. It has a width of 8’6″ and a length of 23’7″. It has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers and a complete engine power of 200 hp.

The 20C was built for open-sea sailing and had a maximum horsepower capacity of 60, ideal for entertaining guests.

Boat Trader is an excellent place to browse for older Berkshire boats if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Berkshire Pontoon Reviews

Do Older Models Have Access to Replacement Parts?

In the stock market, Berkshire has only been around for 12 years. It’s safe to assume that they still sell replacement components for vintage vehicles. Who can contact dealers directly for direct purchases of parts and accessories from them?

Locate nearby dealers with their Dealer Locator. In addition, if you have questions about which part to buy or replacing, you may contact them directly.

In terms of customer service, Berkshire is one of the best. On their Contact Us page, you may reach them directly.

What Are Regular Issues With Berkshire Pontoons?

Despite Berkshire’s best efforts, some of its pontoons exhibit symptoms of trouble if they are utilized for a lengthy period. For you Berkshire pontoons, it’s dangerous to travel when the tide is high, or the water is deep.

When it comes to your engine, one problem is overheating. Sadly, this is a problem that goes unnoticed primarily and unattended.

Clogged filters and fouled plugs are common causes of engine sputtering and loss of power. For example, a blade gouge or nick might cause vibrations.

The vast majority of boats have mechanical, cable-driven shifting. Unfortunately, these automatic shifters may have an issue with a linkage that has been broken or clogged.

It’s not just the pontoon’s mechanical components that might go wrong. The pontoon’s body or other critical components may malfunction.

Is The Lifespan Of Berkshire Pontoons Comparable To That Of Other Name-Brand Boats?

Your pontoon may survive for more than 15 years if you take good care of it. However, a pontoon’s life expectancy drops if subjected to heavy use over an extended period. In 2009, several customers acquired their pontoon boats, which they are still using today.

Keep up with the demand, and you can prevent significant problems. Repairing a Berkshire pontoon boat may also be less expensive and more accessible than cleaning a traditional v-hull boat.

Berkshire pontoon boats may also be relatively safe and long-lasting with their several hulls. The outcome is a water surface that is more stable and flat.

Lifetime structural and wood component warranties are included in Berkshire’s limited warranties, five-year warranties on the floor covering and vinyl, the Bimini top fabric guarantee, and the parts warranty.

Do Berkshire Pontoons Hold Their Value?

Introducing for the 2020 model year, the LE Series of pontoons is a low-cost alternative to Berkshire Pontoons’ more expensive models. Composite fiberglass decks, ten-foot bimini tops, soft-touch vinyl, and more are available. Prices begin at $24,995 for a motor with 60 horsepower.

About $27,800 will get you a secondhand Berkshire 25′ 250 CL Cruiser from 2010. With a price tag of $27,800, this Berkshire is one of its best offerings.

Berkshire boats have a reasonable resale value. Additional Boats has more information on these boats’ resale value. Visit iBoats to see Berkshire boats for sale.

Berkshire Pontoon Reviews

Are Berkshire Pontoons Still Being Made?

The Berkshires are still making pontoons today. They now offer four lines of boats for sale. Sport, STS, CTS, and LE series are examples of this.

Berkshire has a Sport Series for you when it comes to challenging yourself. In addition to color touch-screen controls at the helm, electronically actuated arches and cameras for docking and docking.

Floor plans, packages, and options are available in the STS Series. In addition, tri-Toon and Twin-Toon versions are available. There’s a boat for everyone here!

An entry-level pontoon with several features not often found on pontoons is the Berkshire CTS Series. Several of the top-of-the-line models’ applications and materials are used to create this series, which is of the highest quality.

The Berkshire LE Series is one of the most enticing pontoons in its class, giving well-rounded, elegant, reliable, and strong performance for less than $20,000 in total.

Client Reviews On Berkshire Pontoons

Several Berkshire Pontoons customers have given the company excellent reviews. Customer satisfaction is commonly expressed with the low-cost yet reasonable Pontoons. The following are some of the opinions expressed by consumers of the Berkshire pontoon on various websites:

In the end, I went with the 22-footers and 115-mercs ammunition. My initial impression is that it’s fantastic! I’m not a speed demon, but I can quickly get by at a comfortable 20 mph. Open wide, and it will do 30 miles per hour, which delighted me. –The Hull Truth.

Our 230cl Berkshire is a model of perfection. Last year, we purchased the BP1 bundle, which is our third toon, and I feel most on the market are dependable.

Again, we’d buy Berkshire. “WOW!” In response to the last time I talked to our supplier, he said. Have the prices ever gone up.” The following is a quote from Lake George from the iBoats Forum.

I love my Mercury 150-powered 23-foot Berkshire tritoon! ‘Since we started using it, we’ve had just a few minor issues, and we’ve probably sold a few boats to our local marina because of it.

In our case, the audio system included a Clarion amplifier, a subwoofer, and four speakers. Like attending a music festival in the middle of the ocean! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns.” This is according to R.Thomson’s The Hull Truth.

Many customers appear satisfied with their Berkshire pontoons on these review sites. Some issues, however, must be addressed.

A few people were concerned about the lip on the bow. An inch of water might accumulate on the deck if too many people are on it.

In addition, some guests noticed that the backs of the chairs in the sitting area were not properly sealed.

Final Ideas

A crucial performance metric for Berkshire is the amount of satisfaction that consumers have with the company’s services. Berkshire pontoon users and residents tell them they’re on the right track.

Customers are compelled to visit their dealers’ showrooms because of the high-quality components and great amenities. Quality-driven construction and meticulous attention to detail allow customers to spend days on crystal blue waters.


Fishing and entertainment are included in the design of these vessels. There is a wide range of prices and degrees of luxury to choose from.

You may keep your individual deck designs while increasing your horsepower capacity with Berkshire models' elegance and performance enhancements.

Anyone who owns a boat does not want to spend more time cleaning it than is absolutely required. This is especially crucial to keep in mind after a long day of fishing on the boat.

Forest River Marine introduced the Berkshire series in 2009. An outstanding pick was Berkshire's 20CL 2.0. This Berkshire pontoon boat's deck measured 8'6" wide by 18'7" long. It can carry up to 11 people with a combined weight of 1,525 pounds.

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