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Best Excel Boats Reviews (2022)

Excel Boats Reviews: Excel Boat is known for making high-quality aluminum boats that are affordable and built for people who like to spend time outdoors.

But can you trust Excel boats enough to spend your money on them?

Excel makes sure that each of its Boat series is of the highest quality. These boats are made in Excel’s most modern and high-tech boat factory, ensuring that every Excel boat is as durable and reliable as possible.

Excel Boats Reviews

This article will learn more about Excel boats and how good and valuable they are.

Right here’s Just how Excellent the Excel Boats Are:

According to reports, all of Excel’s boat lines are made to meet outdoor recreation enthusiasts’ specific needs and preferences.

Every Excel boat series is the final product, with designs and structures made by Excel’s top-notch R&D team and built by Excel’s well-trained Production unit in its high-tech factory.

Because of this, each Excel boat model has a beautiful exterior, a clean and roomy interior for maximum comfort, and an excellent fit and finish.

How Durable & Dependable Are The Excel Boats?

Excel has the perfect boat for a comfortable and relaxing time on the water, whether you like fishing or going out with your family.

When Excel’s excellent R&D team made each boat series, they kept sportsmen and people who like to try new things in mind. That’s why every Excel boat has a lot of different configurations and unique features.

These boats have all the robust features you need to make the most of your time on the water.

Excel says that every boat series under their brand name strikes a natural balance between design, convenience, and style so that every boater or adventurer can find their perfect water buddy.

Excel has different boat series designed and built to meet the needs of different types of customers.

For example, the Excel Bay Pro series boats are made to have as much space as possible and perform very well in open water. Because these boats have large casting decks, rod boxes that can be locked, a trolling bracket built-in for precise control, and the best hull strength possible. They have two live wells, which makes fishing more relaxing, and SuperlinerTM flooring to make sure the plants stay in place.

The Excel Bay Pro line of boats is excellent for fishing and is made of solid materials for fishing fans.

Excel’s F4 and Shallow Water boat series have boats that plane faster than their competitors. They also handle better and have more space. The Acceleration Pad Hull on these boats makes sure that they have very little drag in the water, which helps them perform better. Even the expansive casting decks and lots of places to store gear make it easier and more comfortable to use.

Excel Shallow Water or F4 series is made with triple tapered chines, an all-aluminum transom, and a fully welded aluminum floor to make a strong hull that is great for tours.

The Bull Nose boat series from Excel is a good choice if you want a boat for accessible boating, hunting, or going on a trip. These boats are pretty tough and strong, and they are more reliable.

The Bull Nose series of Excel boats has a strong transom, two surface-drive engines, and a tubular bow. These features make the ships more resistant to damage when they hit rocks or trees.

How much time Do The Excel Boats Last Contrast To Similar Brand Names?

To satisfy the worldwide standard of lifespan, Excel boats have been designed and manufactured accordingly.

The way you drive it and how effectively you maintain it on a daily basis are two important factors that determine how long a boat will survive. Unfortunately, this makes estimating a boat’s lifespan nearly impossible.

Excel boats are expected to survive at least five to 10 years without severe problems. It can, however, extend beyond fifteen years depending on the model and how frequently it is used.

Excel Boats Review

Excel Bay Boats Reviews

Whether you are looking for an aluminum boat for recreational purposes or a sportsman boat, you can count on the Excel Bay Boat series. Designed with the needs of sportsmen and recreational enthusiasts in mind, these boats have many unique features and configurations. Each model is engineered to provide robust features, convenience, and style to give you the experience of a lifetime. The Excel Boat reviews lineups feature a wide range of boat models and features that are perfect for fishing trips or family outings.

These boats are built using premium materials and proven technology. For example, the Bull Nose model offers increased reliability thanks to the tubular bow and double-tapered chines. The ships in this series also feature a full-welded aluminum floor for increased strength and durability. They also have ample storage space, including lockable dry storage for essential fishing gear. There are also a variety of accessories to choose from. Overall, you’ll find that Excel boats are perfect for your fishing needs.

Excel F4 Boat Reviews

When it comes to the performance of the Excel f4 boat, the brand does not disappoint. With its dependable power and durability, it can take you to the deep woods of Arkansas or the beautiful backwaters of the Everglades. The Bull Nose series boats are exceptionally sturdy and tough and come with twin surface drive engines and a tubular bow for impact resistance. These boats also meet stringent international standards for durability.

The Excel F4 shallow water boat series planes better than other competitors’ boats with its hull. The hull’s Acceleration (TM) Pad Hull design creates minimal drag in the water. In addition, its spacious interior offers plenty of room for fishing gear, with an expansive casting deck and a fully welded aluminum floor. This boat can be configured to meet your needs, from family fishing to a day on the lake.

What Are Common Troubleshooting Problems With The Excel Boats?

Even though Excel boats are made with the best materials, advanced technology, and skilled craftsmen, some minor faults may still arise.

Problems such as overheating, sputtering, and power loss may occur from time to time due to engine malfunctions. In addition, other issues, such as a failed hull, a cracked lid of the rod locker, a weak electrical wiring connection, or a failed exhaust system, can occur.

However, I would want to remind you that these are pretty common faults that may occur on any boat.

Is Excel Boats Recalling Any of Its Previous Products?

Yes. The following Excel recalls been documented by the U.S. Coast Guard, according to available records:

Are The Excel Boats Still Being Made?

Yes. According to their official website information and declarations, the Excel brand is still making boats.

Excel Boat Reviews

Do Excel Boats Still Make Components For Older Models?

It is not clear if Excel Boats is still making earlier models or if they are still making replacement parts and accessories.

On the other hand, according to the firm’s official website, all of the company’s boat models are still being manufactured and supported by the company.

Customers may also contact the company directly at if they have any questions or concerns about their purchased products.

Where Is The Manufacturing Place Of The Excel Boats?

Mountain View, Arkansas, is reportedly where Excel’s initial production factory is.

Since 2019, the firm has continued boat manufacture in Lake County, Tennessee, where it has expanded its manufacturing facilities based on reliable sources.

Which Brands Can Be The Best Alternate To The Excel Boats?

Alumacraft, Lowe, Ranger, Crestliner, and Smokercraft are some of the other recreational boat manufacturers that you may pick from.

Client Reviews On The Excel Boats:

After reading through several customer reviews and forums, I found that most Excel boat owners are pretty delighted with the boat’s overall appearance and performance.

Many believe these vessels are of exceptional quality, saying that specific models may exceed clients’ expectations.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the Excel yacht owner reviews that I’ve highlighted here:

” This is the most beautiful Bay Boat I’ve seen in a long time.

A boat with a 160-hull is a beast on the bay. – David Atkins.

The F86 I own dates back to 1860. It’s fantastic. It’s a tank of a machine. Even though we’ve over many tidal sandbars, “it simply keeps on rolling.” — Clint Winn.

Excel boat owners who first enjoyed their boats but were dissatisfied with the brand’s customer service were also discovered.

Customer service, especially after-sales assistance, has been a problem for these customers, who say Excel needs to improve its customer service. In addition, the lack of honesty and clarity in the corporate representative’s communication still affects specific clients.

Since April 1, they’ve had my boat. It’s because the hull has a hole in it. My belongings would be transferred to a different ship and returned to Mobile, Ala., in two weeks, they told me three weeks ago. Even now, two weeks later, we still have no boat. Excel’s handling of this situation has left me feeling really let down! To reach a person who has been assigned to you, it’s usually either lunch or a meeting time. And they don’t answer your phone calls, either. For a yacht that we don’t own, “We have paid two installments.” It’s me, Mike Morris.

Excel Boat Review

Last Thoughts

It doesn’t matter which Excel boat you choose if you can’t access to your preferred fishing spot in an emergency. So consider the Excel boat brand if you’re looking for an excellent vessel.

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