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Cobia Boats for Sale are typically regarded as being in the top middle class of boats. They’re considered to be overpriced for what you receive.

They’re a well-known boat manufacturer with a devoted fanbase and a long history in the industry.

But how reliable are Cobia’s boats?

Are Cobia Boats Worth the Money?

Cobia boats for sale, Solid hulls, and high-quality parts are standard on all Cobia Boat Company boats. They are among the top mid-tier powerboats because of their low number of production issues, outstanding customer service, and steadfast brand devotion.

Cobia Boats For Sale
Cobia Boats For Sale

Cobia Boats’ Origins and Development

Harold Slama, a Sanford businessman, started the Cobia Boat Company in 1959 in Orlando, Florida. Cobia boats relocated to Sanford in the early 1960s.

They are a semi-custom boat builder that specializes in the center console and dual-console boats.

From 20 to 35 feet long, the boats are powered by a variety of Yamaha outboards.

Standard characteristics of a Cobia Boat for sale include a central or dual steering console, decent seating, open decks, and lots of storage. In order to tailor your boat to your specific needs, there is a long-range of available upgrades.

Cobia Boats provide a wide range of boats to suit a variety of needs, from serious fishermen to those who just want to have fun on the lake with their families.

Robalo was purchased by the firm in 1982, and a second facility was built in Vonore, Tennessee.

With the purchase of the firm by Yamaha in 1993, it was transferred to Panama City and renamed Century.

Founded in 1985 with only $12,000 and two moulds, the Maverick Boat Company bought Cobia in 2005 and relocated manufacture to Fort Pierce. After certain models were made in Marion, North Carolina, the company constructed a new facility in St. Lucie, Florida, where they are now producing.

How Dependable Are Cobia Boats?

Cobia boats for sale, In the boating business, Cobia Boats are known for their outstanding build quality and dependability.

Companies that serve and monitor the industry often compile “Best Of” lists, such as Boatsafe, which includes the Grady White Freedom 370 and the Cobia 330 Dual Console in its list of the Seven Best Dual Consoles for 2021.

There are a lot of excellent comments on the boating forums. Even in a media built to highlight issues, Cobia maintains its reputation.

Beyond the colour of the boat, each Cobia may be personalized to a certain extent. There are a few ways to customize a boat for individuals who prefer fishing over relaxing on the sea or the other way around.

One of the primary reasons boat owners praise the boats’ dependability is their own meticulous attention to every last detail.

Do Cobia Boats Have a Longevity Factor?

The Maverick Boat Group, the new producer of Cobia Boats, has ascended to the top of the U.S. boat manufacturing industry.

Boats built by this company have a reputation for delivering excellent performance, luxury, substantial storage, and ease of fishing in a magnificent package that is exceptional value for money.

The highest standard in the US boat building business, the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), also applies to all Cobia Boats.

MBG took over Cobia boats in 2005 and quickly began to enhance the quality of their products.

These boats feature flared bows and deep-V hulls for a more comfortable, dry ride.

There is no risk of rot in the cores because they don’t utilize any wood in the construction process.

They use a fiberglass-encased polymer for their stringer system. Carbon-reinforced beams support the decks. For each yacht, unique wire harnesses are made using 316 Stainless Steel hardware.

Each boat goes through a 300-point check before it leaves the factory.

The combination of these characteristics results in a long-lasting boat.

How Many Years Do Cobia Boats Last?

Cobias from the mid-range price range are known for their durability.

The lifespan of your Cobia Boat will, of course, depend on how well it is cared for.

Saltwater is your number one enemy since Cobia Boats are mostly utilized for fishing and boating in oceans. After each usage, be careful to thoroughly clean your Cobia Boat with fresh water.

Cobia boats appear to have a longer lifespan than other brands of the same age, based on user input.

Soft decks from late 1990s models when wood was still utilized in construction seem to be a prevalent issue, although this isn’t a uniform concern.

As always, a boat’s lifespan is primarily influenced by the care it has received from its owner.

A mild detergent is also recommended by the manufacturer’s guarantee for the removal of any debris, silt, or stains. It also says that you should never use a hose or water to clean the cushions; instead, use a wet towel.

Metal rails, screws, and electrical connections may be polished and maintained with a small application of oil. Rust and other degradation will be prevented by doing this

What About the More Aged Cobia Boats in the Fleet?

used Cobia boats for sale, despite being sold six times and shifting manufacturing locations, have retained their reputation as a high-quality brand. A lot of the earlier models were manufactured quite nicely.

Overall, the feedback and comments from owners of older boats are positive. This is especially true after 2005 when Maverick Boating Company took over.

Until then, the level of quality remains high. However, a few people have expressed their dissatisfaction.

It’s difficult to establish whether deck softening is frequent among Cobias or just indicative of the boat’s age and building procedure given the small number of reported cases from the late 1990s.

Some older Cobias have also experienced issues with cracking or breaking light-duty hardware and leaks in fishing boxes that are improperly linked.

Is There a Supply of Parts for Older Models?

The Maverick Boat Company still manufactures parts for Cobias that were acquired in the mid-2000s. They may be purchased via Cobia’s network of dealers easily.

The components for older Cobias are more difficult to locate. Because Maverick Boating Company acquired Cobia, they had limited information about past models to work with.

The vast majority of owners’ manuals and schematics were destroyed. The acquisition did not include any parts or even a description of the parts.

This makes it difficult to locate components or information. When looking for a missing or broken item, Cobia Boats offers an Owners’ area on their website and Maverick Boating Company has a dedicated forum.

However, pursuing a network of dealers may be the best option. As a result of their long-term experience in selling Cobias, certain dealers may have access to parts and manuals that others do not.

Are There Any Cobia Recalls?

The manufacturer or a licensed dealer should be contacted to verify that there are no recalls before purchasing a Cobia Boat or any other boat.

A single 18-foot Cuddy Odyssey was recalled in 1982, according to, and the recall was announced on June 2nd of that year. On April 21st, 1983, the matter was finally ended.

Because of the 18-foot Cuddy Odyssey’s level float problem in 1982, that complaint was dismissed.

This shows that the model was not able to provide a safe area for the users in the event of a capsize since it was not floating level with the waterline.

Which Cobia Boats Are the Most Popular?

From 20 to 35 feet in length, Cobia Boats has a variety of center console (CC) and dual-console (DC) boats available.

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the most typical recreational boat lengths in the United States are 18 to 26 feet (NMMA).

Because of this, the following Cobia designs are the most in-demand:

The Cobra 220 DC

The most stable area of the boat, the centerline, is easily accessible on the Cobia 220 Dual Console.

Family outings, water activities like water skiing, and serious fishing are all possible on this model’s flexible deck.

The redesigned hull provides a smooth, dry ride and is capable of handling strong waves with style and comfort.

The Yamaha F150XB is standard equipment, and a new boat costs as little as $59,234.

Cobia 220 DC Review

Cobia believes the 220 Dual Console to be a “do-it-all boat” for water sports enthusiasts who like skiing, fishing, and cruising at the same time. Anglers who are serious about their fishing will find Cobia’s 220 Dual Console model to be a solid starting point with a variety of dedicated fishing choices, as well as enough creature amenities to make her a more appealing “sell” to the entire family. The Cobia 220 Dual Console is a multi-purpose family recreational pleasure boat that is developed with fishing and cruising qualities in mind. It has a sturdy performing hull and a dry ride, making it an excellent choice for sport and fishing enthusiasts.

The 220 is based on the same hull as Cobia’s popular and best-selling 217 CC model, which is still in production. Cobia is in its second year with the 220 DC model, and the company intends to phase down its only other dual console model, an older 18′ (5.5 m) variant known as the 180 DC, in the near future. Cobia 220 DC Review.

The 220 Dual Console is equipped with a few basic, but sufficient, fishing capabilities for its price. In the gunwales are standard stainless steel clip-style rod holders; there are two-rod holders and the boat’s three cleats are pop-up. There are two-rod holders and the boat has three cleats. Also included as standard are the cushioned back bolster cushions, which run the length of the cockpit and around the bow seating area, among other places.

The Cobia 240 CC

Sport Fishing magazine named the Cobia 240 Centre Console as one of the top 20 center console boats to buy in its April 2020 issue.

All the fishing facilities you’d expect on this size of boat can be found on the new 237CC design, which has been enlarged to 240CC to meet the needs of both competitive and recreational anglers.

Also, the additional dimensions increase the boat’s comfort and room, making it ideal for romantic sunset cruises or fun family outings.

Prices for new boats start at slightly over $100,000 for the base package, which includes Yamaha Twin F150XBs as well as other standard features.

The Cobia 240 DC

This 24-foot dual console claims to be the most feature-packed 24-foot dual console on the water, and the reviews appear to back up this claim, as well.

With a shallow draft and a broad beam, the Cobia 240 DC can comfortably accommodate up to nine passengers.

Diverse parties may enjoy fishing, swimming, or simply lazing about on the deck together thanks to the boat’s dual console arrangement.

New boats start at $125,501 and include a Yamaha 300NSB as standard equipment.

The 262 CC Cobia

In its stead comes the Cobia 262, a model that has long been hailed as one of the most popular Cobias.

However, supporters needn’t be concerned, as they may rest assured. With a freshly designed center console, more walking room, and an integrated windshield frame, the new 262 CC model retains all of the attributes of the previous 261 CC model.

Prices for new boats start at $114,497 for the base package, which includes Yamaha Twin F150XB engines.

The following are other well-liked Cobia Boat models:

  • It includes the following models: 201CC, 220CC, 237CC, 280CC, 301CC, and 350CC.
  • A 280DC and 330DC Dual Console

For those who want to customize their boat, Cobia provides a wide range of optional additions that may be added to the standard package.

This includes anything from wash-down systems and improved electronics.

Cobia Boats and Ameratrail Trailers have partnered to provide you with an easy method to acquire a trailer for your boat from one of the industry’s leading trailer manufacturers.

Cobia Boats Are Made In What Country?

C & C Manufacturing Inc., the former proprietors of Cobia Boats, was situated in Panama City in Florida whereas the original builders of Cobia Boat Company were based in Orlando in 1959.

As a result, the Maverick Boat Group (MBG), located in Fort Pierce, Florida, had an easy time transitioning to its new role.

Cobia Boats are still made today in Fort Pierce, Florida, in a specialized factory/workshop that is open to the public by appointment only on Fridays from 2:00 pm.

Boats by Cobia have a strong Florida connection.

How Long Is the Cobia Boat Warranty?

A ‘no nonsense’ 10-year limited guarantee is offered on all Cobia Boats that are NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) approved.

Cobia Boats, on the other hand, strongly advises boat owners to only have work done on their vessel by an authorized Cobia Dealer.

The warranty on your boat may be voided if you do any repairs yourself or have them done by someone other than an authorized Cobia Dealer.

Is There a Brand Out There That Makes Boats Like Cobia Boats?

When it comes to boats in the same class as Cobia Boats and its parent firm MBG, there are a lot of competitors. These are only a few examples, however:

Blackfin Boats

Since 1973, Blackfin Boats has been manufacturing high-quality fishing boats.

They are known for their long-lasting quality and timeless design.

Boats in the new Blackfin range retain all the greatest aspects of the original, but they also incorporate the latest in technology, comfort, and high-end design.

Henriques Yachts

A yachting company called Henriques

He brought with him four generations of boat-building expertise and many years of personal experience when he moved to the United States from Portugal.

Even though he began building high-quality semi-custom boats back in 1977, he is still going strong today.

High-quality, seaworthy fishing boats ranging from 30 to 42 feet are built by the firm.

Boats by SeaVee

In the 27- to 45-foot range, SeaVee Boats construct an award-winning line of semi-custom sportfishing boats.

Classic deep-V or stepped hulls are options on several models.

Hardcore fishermen and fishing families will both appreciate the capabilities and possibilities available aboard these center console boats.

Boats by WellCraft

Wellcraft is well-suited to create your semi-custom centre console or bay boat with their boat-building knowledge spanning over 50 years.

Whether it’s for fishing, family time, or other activities, their boats are meant to be enjoyed. There are models in this line ranging in length from 16 to 35 feet, which puts them in the “most popular boat size” category in the United States.

There are several different boat brands available, and this is only a small sampling of the many. But what sets Cobia different is its dedication to providing a high-quality product while also taking care of its team of talented employees.

Along with this, Cobia Boats is also committed to environmental and social causes.

Both the manufacturers and the numerous marine conservation groups are represented by MBG’s management who serves on the boards of several local marine organizations.

Is the Value of Cobia Boats Preserved?

The value of Cobia Boats appears to be better than that of other comparable brands. This year’s models have a tendency to hold their value better than older ones.

Let’s take a look at the well-known 237 Center Console as an illustration.

If you look at the NADA guide and the coastal Virginia area for a 2015 model, the average resale value is $58,200 that model. 24.2 per cent is a good depreciation rate.

The 344 Center Console, on the other hand, cost $213,273 and sold for an average of $164,550.Considering the larger, more costly yacht, that’s a steep depreciation of 22.9% every year.

Used cobia boats for sale by owner

What Happens to the Cobia Boats That Were Made?

The New Cobia Boat factory in St. Lucie, Florida now produces Cobia boats. Center console and dual-console versions make up the bulk of their offerings.

The 20-foot 201 CC starts at $49,162 and the 34-foot 350 CC starts at $291,546 for the center consoles.

With prices starting at $59,234 for the 21.5-foot 220 DC up to $281,110 for the 33.5-foot 330, they offer a wide range of dual-console boats.

What is the price of a Cobia boat?

On Boat Trader, you can find Cobia boats for sale used, ranging in price from $10,000 to $435,436, depending on the model and the features included. The most powerful versions available on the market have engines capable of producing up to 900 horsepower, while the more affordable and functional variants may only have engines capable of producing as little as 115 horsepower (although the average engine size is 300 HP).

What types of vessels does Cobia construct?

There are a variety of hull types and styles to choose from among the boats on the list, including the Cobia. Day cruising, saltwater, and freshwater fishing are just a few of the things that these boats are usually thought of as being good for. Outboard, outboard-4S, outboard-2S, inboard, and inboard/outboard propulsion systems are now available from this builder in gas and other fuel systems.

What’s so great about Cobia boats?

Center Console, Dual Console, Saltwater Fishing, and other versions are popular with Cobia customers. For day sailing, saltwater, and freshwater fishing, these boats have a very deep draft and beam that makes them perfect.

What model of Cobia is the best one to buy?

The most popular Cobia models at the moment are the 240 Center Console and the 220CC, as well as the 220 CC and 220 DC.


Price from $10,000 to $435,436

Outboard, outboard-4S, outboard-2S, inboard, and inboard/outboard propulsion systems are now available from this builder in gas and other fuel systems.

Center Console, Dual Console, Saltwater Fishing, and other versions are popular with Cobia customers.

The most popular Cobia models at the moment are the 240 Center Console and the 220CC, as well as the 220 CC and 220 DC.

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