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Comfort and creativity in hull design are the hallmarks of Crownline Boats Reviews success in the competitive powerboat industry, where they have developed their name.

Prospective owners who are interested in acquiring a Crownline yacht should first determine whether the company produces high-quality vessels.

A Look at the Quality of Crownline Boats:

For offshore fishing, wake sports, or family fun, Crownline Boats is a strong mid-tier builder. Due to their distinctive F.A.S.T. Tab hull design, their boats tend to be heavier than the competition, but they have a high reputation for performance.

Crownline Boats For Sale
Crownline Boats

When Crownline Boats Were Founded

In 1991, the firm was formed in Whittington, Illinois, with a workforce of less than 25 and no dealers.

Their initial boats were a hit, so they quickly signed up distributors and built a distribution network.

First, five years were a success, and the firm outgrew its current location. In West Frankfort, Illinois, they’ve relocated operations to a bigger facility.

Before the marine industry’s slowdown in the early 2000s, this firm had been growing steadily. Since then, new owners have taken control and some of the leadership team has resigned because of differences between them and the new owners.

Crownline was forced to close its doors in 2008 as a result of the industrial crisis that had been raging for over a decade. After it was forced to close, the firm was put up for sale.

As a result of the company’s newfound renown, it began developing ground-breaking products, such as the F.A.S.T. Tab hull. There are now more than 90 dealers worldwide that are authorized to sell and service the company’s products.

Crownline and Mercury Marine agreed in 2021 to only sell Mercury engines on their boats, with the 2022 model year being the first to benefit from the arrangement.

Crownline Boats: How Reliable Are They?

It’s a common practice among boat manufacturers to emphasize the distinctive features that set their products apart from the competition.

Crownline is no exception, and their F.A.S.T. Tab hull is a fascinating piece of engineering.

In short, F.A.S.T. is an acronym for “Fin-Assisted Safe Turn.” Here, the design objective is to minimize drag by venting chines and eliminating handling idiosyncrasies associated with chines by incorporating tabs into the hull.

This means that the hull bites into corners and is extremely sensitive to trim. When the power is reduced, the boat seems to glide for a short time due to the increased aeration.

This is critical, considering the fact that Crownline’s ships have heavier hulls, as they themselves admit. Back to their idea of building to function rather than a pricing point, the heavier hulls have been implemented.

The major goal of the design is to provide a luxurious experience, rather than an all-out race. Because of the thicker fiberglass utilized in the hull construction, they tend to be heavier than many comparable types.

Crownline Boats For Sale
Crownline Boats

How Long-Lasting Are Crownline Boats?

Crownline boats use a thick layer of fiberglass construction. The hulls are heavier than their competitors because of this.

To date, Crownline’s construction has used no wood above or below the waterline. This is a departure from the way they built before.

Some of the deckings are still made from wood. Crownline offers one of the industry’s finest warranties. As long as the original owner keeps the boat, it’s protected for the life of the boat.

The upholstery is covered by a 5-year guarantee, as is much of the rest of the boat. The firm has always put a lot of effort into the upholstery of its luxury boats.

The gel coat, for example, has a shorter guarantee period. When a gel coat cracks, the guarantee is for just 18 months.

When it comes to Crownline, they like to boast that their basic features are the standard choices of other companies. An automated fire extinguishing system, huge touchscreens, and wet/dry speakers, as well as long-lasting upholstery, are all included as standard equipment on nearly all models.

This not only improves the boat’s longevity but also its resale value in the future.

When it comes to the long-term viability of the yacht, one owner’s statement is worth noting:

Aircraft carrier-style construction is evident throughout this vessel. It’s tough as nails. The boat continued to sail as if nothing had occurred until I slammed into a few rocks.”

“[Consumer Affairs]” is the source of this information

What Happens to the Older Crownline Yachts?

Before 2008, we’ll refer to Crownline boats that were constructed before the business temporarily halted production.

In general, cars from the 1990s and early 2000s are considered to be among the best of their generation. In the early days, many of the design concepts and quality attitudes they are currently recognized for were implemented.

However, several issues began to arise in the 2000s. Due to their difficult handling in waves of all sizes, several of the hulls from this period gained a reputation among boat owners and captains alike.

During these periods, there was also considerable variation in the quality of the fiberglass. Some of the wrecked boats indicated that the glue had not saturated the fiberglass to the fullest extent, causing the material to become brittle.

When a boat’s hull ran aground on a pier, collapsing the gunwale and exposing the shoddy fiberglass work, one owner realized what had happened.

At the time, the business also utilized balsa coring.

There is a valid dispute over wood cores, but if they are adequately enclosed in fiberglass, they will not pose an issue. It’s understandable that certain boats experienced issues with coring, considering the company’s history of building management issues in the 2000s.

Crownline Boats For Sale
Crownline Boats

What about older models? Do they still produce parts for them?

For boats built within the previous five years, Crownline Boats makes every effort to maintain components on hand.

Components for do-it-yourself repairs aren’t sold directly to clients; instead, they lead them to the dealer network so that they may have these parts fixed by approved service facilities.

Owners of Crownline Boats are encouraged to seek two separate suppliers for items that are more than five years old. These vendors have genuine O.E.M. components from Crownline Boats, which the business supplies as discontinued stock.

The first of these businesses is, which is a leading online reseller of new and used boat components.

The second business is Bud’s Discount Marine, which has an eBay store and does its business entirely on the internet.

It’s recommended to visit the Crownline Boats owners’ community at if you can’t find a certain discontinued part. Many requests for older components are met with success in these active forums.

Which Issues Are Most Commonly Found With Crownline Boats?

It’s a typical criticism regarding Crownline that the ride gets rougher as the chop gets higher.

Due to thicker hulls and increased freeboard, this issue is still present in some models despite the F.A.S.T. Tab system.

Cracks in the gel coat are a common problem that people look for online. Some owners have a problem with them, which are mostly decorative and do not allow water to get through.

The majority of the issues with Crownline’s warranty appear to be related to contact with the network’s dealers, despite the company’s excellent reputation for customer service.

Misunderstandings seem to be rife since Crownline rarely speaks directly to its customers.

Going over complaints about the firm, there appear to be a number of minor finishing flaws, such as faulty hatch hinges and a few speaker problems. In most cases, the smaller versions are the ones that suffer from these flaws.

The vast majority of comments on forums about Crownline Boats are very positive. Aside from some bad dealership interactions, there haven’t been any regularly reported issues.

Do Crownline boats last longer than other brands?

Crownline boats are as long-lasting and durable as any other comparable brand, according to all available information.

The endurance of the fiberglass is not a concern because they tend to construct their hulls too large.

Models constructed in the mid-2000s, when business briefly stopped down, maybe an exception to this rule. During this time span, there have been reports of bad fiberglass work.

Get a maritime survey done if you’re buying a Crownline from this time period (but you should do that anyhow!).

As with any boat, if the owner neglects to properly maintain it, the Crowlines may be able to withstand a bit more wear and tear than the ordinary boat.

What Is the Future Value of a Crownline Boat?

The value of Crownline Boats appears to hold up better than the average of its competitors, at least in the short term.

In 2015, a brand-new 21 S.S. sterndrive model cost $46,730. The average resale price of such a boat is currently $38,200. As a result, there was a 19 percent drop in the value of the currency.

Cabin cruisers like the 2015 330 SY, which is a 33-footer, cost $256,610 new in 2015. A 15% deterioration in the model’s resale value means that it now sells for an average of $217,500.

In other words, this represents a great deal of appreciation in value.

Can You Tell Me If Crownline Boats Are Still Made?

The West Frankfort, Illinois plant where Crownline Boats are produced is located.

34 versions of boats are now available, all of which may be customized in some way by color and other settings.

All of their outboards and sterndrives are between 19 and 30 feet long. At $39,995 for an outboard, the sterndrive versions start at $47,995.

Their wake surf boats, which range in length from 22 to 28 feet and cost $74,995, are available.

In their Cruiser series, which ranges from 26 to 35 feet in length, they have three models that start at $109,995.

Last but not least, there are five different center consoles available, ranging in length from 20 to 28 feet, with prices starting at $49,995.

Crownline Boats

Crownline, a marine boat maker, has boats for sale ranging in length from 18 feet to 33 feet, with an average length of 24.99 feet. The shortest boat listed on is 18 feet long, while the biggest is 33 feet long. 382 new and 318 used Crownline boats are presently posted for sale with most of the listings coming from the United States. An early classic boat built-in 1993 is the earliest model on the list, followed by a 2023 model.

What are the prices for Crownline boats?

The boat has a wide selection of Crownline boats, ranging in price from $13,025 for the cheapest model to $286,744 for the most luxurious. The most powerful variants available on the market have engines capable of producing up to 616 horsepower, while the more utilitarian models may only have engines capable of producing up to 150 horsepower (although the average motor size is 300 HP).

Exactly what types of vessels does Crownline construct?

The hull types and designs offered by Crownline include modified vee, deep-vee, monohull, and more. Day cruising, watersports, overnight cruising, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing are all common uses for these boats. This builder’s boats are now available with a variety of propulsion options, including inboard/outboard, outboard, outboard-4S, inboard, and others, all powered by gas or alternative fuels.

The popularity of Crownline Boats

The Bowrider, Deck, Cruisers, Runabout, Ski, and Wakeboard are just some of Crownline’s best-known models. These boats are ideal for day cruising, watersports, overnight cruising, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing because of their medium-depth draft and average beam.

Which Crownline model is the best?

The 290 SS, 280 SS, 255 SS, 220 SS, and 264 CR are some of the most popular Crownline models right now.




Anging in price from $13,025 for the cheapest model to $286,744 for the most luxurious.

The hull types and designs offered by Crownline include modified vee, deep-vee, monohull, and more.

The Bowrider, Deck, Cruisers, Runabout, Ski, and Wakeboard are just some of Crownline's best-known models.

The 290 SS, 280 SS, 255 SS, 220 SS, and 264 CR

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