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EdgeWater Boats Reviews: High Quality (2022)

Edgewater Boats Reviews: Why are the Edgewater boats different from those offered by other companies? Why is it given the nickname “the unsinkable boat”? Is it simply a method of advertising? Or is it the case that the technology speaks for itself?

Edgewater boats review have a good chance of being the only unsinkable boats. It’s ridiculous how strong and long-lasting it is! The question is, what sets them apart from other boats made of durable fiberglass? How does the science work?

Edgewater Boats Reviews

I will go even further into these many facets in this blog post. Continue reading through to the very end to find out whether or not the EW will be your next boat.

Exactly How Good Edgewater Boats Are?

Edgewater manufactures boats are known for being above and above the industry standard in terms of quality and uniqueness, whether we’re talking about sailboats, motorboats, or even luxury yachts.

Edgewater boats come standard with a structure that the company refers to as “the unsinkable level buoyancy.” This is because the hull is made of closed-cell foam rather than wood, which eliminates the need for timber.

EW boats provide you with a nice, dry ride! Both the efficiency and the increased speed are welcome improvements. The well on the aft deck is ideal for the fisherman who fishes for fun in their spare time. The storage is relatively spacious. Includes at-top that has been powder coated.

They are instead on the pricey side of things. And are on the same level of sophistication as a Grady or a Whaler. However, Whalers have a distinctive appearance. It is comparable to Yellowfin and Everglade in terms of its face value. There’s no denying the superb level of fit and finish here! What you pay for is what you get. The wiring is impressive, and the boat has a substantial layup. Everything, from the tools to the materials, is of the highest possible standard.

The boats have a satisfactory level of performance while out at sea. They have a low environmental impact and excellent durability. You won’t have any trouble traversing the offshore distance of 70 miles.

It’s possible that if the wells are complete, the boat will become heavier and maybe even a bit less stable. On the whole, though, these boats are rather appealing in terms of their appearance and utility.

How Reliable Are Edgewater Boats?

Have you heard the word dependable? Let me introduce you to the best self-bailing and unsinkable boats today! As the saying goes.

The Single Piece Infusion (SPI) technique is in favor of this. With this technology, you can have a single, solid foundation. To make this construction appear to be impervious to water. In addition, SPI strengthens the hull and improves fuel efficiency, making the vehicle more environmentally friendly.

In addition, the hull’s structural structure and design have a patented variable deadrise (multi-angled) variation. It makes sure you don’t get wet when riding. Its dependability is a point of pride for its owners. In terms of quality, it’s unrivaled.

Having a large amount of buoyancy is a significant benefit of the hull. As a result, boat journeys are safe and dry. And the hulls keep in place even in harsh, stormy seas.

You may store as much as you wish in the cockpits. It offers a wide variety of storage options.

Edgewater Boats Review

How Durable Are Edgewater Boats?

Three distinct approaches are utilized to attach the decks to the hull. First, are you able to hold up?

The boats are exceptional performers in offshore environments. Why? The long-running strakes. This results in a higher lift as well as increased dynamic stability. They are making it possible for the boat to achieve exceptional acceleration right out of the hole.

The composite material serves as a reinforcement for the hand-laid fiberglass. In addition, the high-density composite transoms are resilient and won’t break under any circumstances.

Each boat comes standard with a Yamaha outboard motor that has been factory-installed—making it unstoppable and enduring.

What Concerning Older Edgewater Boats?

There are still several models from 2002 that are in use today. The notable ones from 2002 include 140, 155, 175, and 135, respectively.

Even earlier than that, between 1996 and 2001, Who produced the 260 Center Console. In 2002, production began on the 265-268 center consoles. These continued to be published up until the year 2013.

Have a look at the version that best suits your needs here.

EdgeWater Boats Reviews

In conclusion, Edgewater Boats are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, yet affordable, boat. They’re perfect for everyday use or for taking out on the open water. With a variety of models to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you and your family. So if you’re in the market for a new boat, be sure to check out Edgewater Boats!

Edgewater Boats is a well-known and respected brand when it comes to cruising boats. They have many different models to choose from, all of which offer great value for the money.

One of the best things about Edgewater Boats is that they are always up for a challengerevi. Whether you’re cruising around the bay or out on the open seas, their boats are sure to give you a great time. And with their reputation for quality and customer service, you can be sure that your trip will be enjoyable.

Do They Still Make Parts for Older Versions?

Replacements for older components are typically rather pricey. However, especially when you purchase your goods straight from Edgewater, they often have parts for their readily available boats. You may check-in with them about this matter.

On the other hand, older components are available from dealers. But if we’re being sincere, it’s not easy to find nice bits. Or, for that matter, either salvage or replace it.

If you are in Florida, I know a shop where you can purchase the components you need. Visit Vilano Interiors in St. Augustine for your home decor needs.

Additionally, the production of individual components may take place in many locations. Make an effort to gather more information on this from your dealer. Check to see that the parts you are acquiring are free of corrosion. When you are making your purchase, pay close attention to the material.

What Are Normal Issues with Edgewater Boats?

The problem with composites is that they are not resistant to water. So there is the absorption of moisture due to prolonged contact with it. Even worse, there may be an amount of moisture that penetrates the floor as high as thirty percent. And they were doing it in boats that were just over ten years old!

In various locations over the floor, there is a softening. As a result, the boat’s weight might increase due to moisture absorption. A standard 28-foot console should have a dry weight (approximately, meaning without engines) of 6900 pounds.

However, if it is greater than that, it is most likely the weight of the liquid. As a direct consequence of this, the machinery will function less effectively.

This is the only widespread issue that we have brought up to this day.

Edgewater Boat Reviews

How Long Do Edgewater Boats Last Compare to Comparable Brands?

The construction quality of Edgewater boats is relatively high. Because of its sturdy construction using fiberglass, they should last you for more than 50 years. On the other hand, Boston Whalers will continue to serve you for a more extended period.

When it comes to durability, it has been demonstrated that Boston Whalers may survive for even a century before showing signs of wear and tear.

But when it comes to durability, EdgeWater boats are unmatched by any other kind of boat, except Boston Whalers. They’re made to last, and their solid construction ensures that!

In addition to that, you will receive a warranty on the hull that is good for life.

Do Edgewater Watercrafts Hold Their Worth?

The resale value of Edgewater boats is relatively high. This is because they are widely known for having an excellent reputation as boats of the greatest possible quality. In addition, due to careful attention to detail during the manufacturing process, ships have a longer lifespan. As a direct consequence of this, the resale value is unaffected!

At what price would you be willing to sell an EdgeWater from 2004 used for 700 hours? You saved sixty percent off the original price! So said, the resale value is high!

Are Edgewater Boats Still Being Made?

The illustrious Bob Dougherty was the one who initially created Edgewater boats. The production of the ships may still be seen in Edgewater, Florida.

At this Florida facility, Edgewater boats are now going through design, planning, and construction stages. They are not yet considered a producer of significant size. They still adhere to the philosophy that Who should employ only a small group of workers to produce hand-crafted boats. This ensures that the conventional Edgewater boats continue to have a high level of quality.

These talented individuals are creating and manufacturing a variety of boat models, including bay boats, express boats, dual console boats, and center console boats.

Customer Evaluates On Edgewater Boats

It is not easy to locate a negative review regarding Edgewater boats.

“Boats of the highest quality. Not only does the price reflect it, but so does the resale value.” — ShoreCrew Aboard the THT.

We used to possess a 228 CC. The boat was great, and the fit and quality were both excellent. There is no rattling in the hard chop. If it had been financially possible, I would have been delighted to have gone up to the 26, but that wasn’t the case. – Joe

“Love my 248 cx; it’s been rock sturdy throughout the years. Just one more opportunity would have been nice. — Gatorinthenoog on The Huffington Post

They’re not your normal, everyday boats, according to prior buyers’ feedback. That is made very obvious by both the construction and the pricing point. That being said, these boats are of the best quality.

Edgewater Boat Review

Final Thoughts

In general, there are fewer benefits associated with Edgewater boats than drawbacks. The illustrious pioneers were instrumental in laying a solid foundation for the heritage. In the case of EW boats, living up to their reputation as being boats that are solid, strong, and trustworthy is entirely warranted.

The acquisition of these boats comes very recommended by yours myself.

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