Best Freeman Boats For Sale (2022) New Deal

Freeman Boats For Sale is a relatively new offshore performance fishing catamaran maker. They are a high-end brand. Are they a good and reliable brand, despite their hefty price tag?

A Look at Freeman Boats in Action:

Freeman Boat For Sale uses a novel catamaran design to create the ideal offshore center console fishing boat. They are roomy and speedy, allowing for a comfortable ride even in strong waves. In the marine sector, its materials and construction standards are unrivaled.

Freeman Boats For Sale
Freeman Boats

A Brief History of Freeman Boats

Freeman Boatworks for sale was started in 2007 by Billy Freeman. The idea was to create the most high-performance offshore fishing platforms feasibly.

In Dorchester County, South Carolina, he founded the Freeman Boatworks. With five factories, the county leads the state in maritime manufacturing. Their catamarans, both old and new, are built using the best materials and procedures.

The company immediately established itself as a premium brand with high-quality construction. The sales trend has been steadily increasing. Their sales have climbed by around 30% every year for the past half-decade. Freeman was invited to the White House for the annual Made In America event in 2019 as a result of his tremendous progress. He brought one of his Freeman 34VHs to the event to show off.

Freeman Boats For Sale
Freeman For Sale

Freeman Boats: How Reliable Are They?

Freeman boat for sale catamarans have swiftly earned a reputation for being a quick and comfortable ride. Catamarans had a reputation for being a stable and sluggish ride till Freeman Boatworks came along. The hull design of Freeman has forever altered that perception. In the boating industry, their speed, even over waves, has become one of their trademarks.

While there are some forum critics, the vast majority of individuals who have ridden one rave about how smooth the ride is in almost any circumstance. There are also numerous videos on YouTube that demonstrate how the boats manage waves.

Because these are pricey boats that are custom-made for each customer, no expense is spared in their construction or amenities. The engines and electronics are among the best available.

Freeman Offshore Boats

Freeman Offshore Boats are known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The company has a long history of producing high-quality boats, dating back to 1967. Today, Freeman Offshore Boats is a leading manufacturer of luxury pontoon boats and powerboats. They offer a wide range of styles and sizes, perfect for any aquatic adventure. From day trips to extended vacations, Freeman Off offshore boats can accommodate everyone’s needs.

There is no better place to look than Freeman Boatworks if you are searching for a boat that will battle the ocean on its worst day or sail across the bay at 80mph. For more than a decade, we’ve been building boats for customers who place a high value on quality, performance, and comfort in their boats. Not only will our boats get you to your destination twice as quickly and comfortably as possible, but they will also give an offshore experience unlike anything else available on the ocean today.

Freeman 47 Boat Like unlike you’ve ever experienced before, the Freeman 47 is capable of transporting more gear, more people, and a greater quantity of fish than any other boat we’ve ever constructed in our history.

FREEMAN 42LR is a 42-pound rifle. The FREEMAN 42LR price ($779,000 or $1,375,000 range)  is a sports fishing team’s dream come true since it has the highest fuel capacity and the ability to sail comfortably at 45 knots.

FREEMAN 37VH (FREEMAN 37VH) The Freeman 37VH is equipped with cutting-edge Vented Hull technology, which makes it a game-changer in terms of offshore performance!

FREEMAN 34VH (FREEMAN 34VH) You may comfortably fish in this center console on days when you would never dare to fish in any other center console. This is the hull that, on its alone, revolutionized the center console industry. (FREEMAN 34VH performance)

How Long-Lasting Are Freeman’s Boats?

Freeman boats built by Freeman are well-known for their sturdiness. Even while Freeman owners love to brag about their boats on forums, it’s pretty much unanimously agreed that Freemans are among the most long-lasting craft on the market. The company’s manufacturing facilities satisfy all industry criteria for marine manufacturing.

YouTube and the company’s website have numerous videos of factory tours that highlight the level of skill that goes into building these boats.

Freeman boats are used by several high-end fishing charters in the Southeast United States because they are long-lasting and perform exceptionally well at sea.

Freeman Boats For Sale
Freeman Boats For Sale

Then, What About the Older Freeman Boats?

Because Freeman Boatworks has only been around for a short time, they don’t have a lot of experience with long-term use.

Their past models all feature the same high-quality design, materials, and craftsmanship. 34 Freeman for sale Until the 34VH replaced it, the 33 Freeman was the company’s best-selling model and is still popular today. Boating forums are still full of praise for the 33.

Are There Any Parts Available for Older Models?

Few models of the Freeman catamaran for sale have been produced during their history. Every item utilized in their construction is still being created, either by Freeman Boatworks or the firms that they contracted to make it..

Find New Freeman Boat Deals, can provide you with these if you so desire (there is no dealer network for this custom brand). It is possible to acquire parts like hatches online from a few different shops. You might be able to track down any lost or stolen Freeman boat components by joining a Facebook community for Freeman boat owners.

What Are the Most Common Issues with Freeman Boats?

Nothing that could be classified as a “typical” issue with Freeman boats could be found by an exhaustive search on the internet. There have been no known faults or errors in mass production because of their unique quality design and construction.

Although two examples of fading paint were discovered in “Freeman Boats for Sale” advertisements, it is possible that this was caused by UV exposure rather than a defect in the product. Fiberglass and gel coat have not been reported to have any cracks. Non-skid paint on the deck rather than molded into the surface has been noticed by a few users online as a possible concern. This boils down to a matter of personal choice rather than a serious issue.

Is the lifespan of a Freeman Boat longer than that of a competitor?

Invincible Boats may be the most renowned competitor to Freeman. Both of these firms are quite new, so there isn’t much to compare them on. It is reasonable to assume that a Freeman boat will endure at least as long as any other luxury brand, given its manufacturing quality.

A boat’s lifespan is directly related to how well it is cared for, however, most Freeman boats are maintained by their owners.

How Long Do Freeman Boats Last?

The NADA guidelines, which provide the original retail price and the current average resale value of boats, do not list Freeman models. As a result, most owners choose to keep their purchases because they are essentially one-of-a-kind purchases.

Despite an asking price of $599,000, a 2016 Freeman 37VH sold in 2018; the final sale price was not disclosed.

At $850,000 and $1,100,000, two of the most current Freeman 42LRs are listed for sale.

Between $400,000 and $450,000 was recently paid for a 2016 34VH on The Hull Truth forum for the same year and model.

Keeping an eye on the value of Freeman boats can be difficult because to the lack of retail and resale prices available to the public. Luxury and high-end brands generally degrade in value over time due to their initial high costs of production.

Are Freeman Boats Still in Production?

Every year, sales at the Freeman Boatworks have risen. Customization is available for all three kinds of center console catamarans that they currently produce.

It’s important to keep in mind that having a boat built takes a long time. Owners have reported waiting for durations ranging from two to three years, depending on the model and the company’s backup.

It’s predicted that a 42LR owner will wait 3.5 years for his boat to be completed in 2019, according to one prospective buyer. To obtain your name on the list of those who will build your yacht, you must pay a $50,000 deposit.

Here’s a breakdown of the sizes and costs for each model:

  1. The 34VH is the smallest model, measuring 33’7′′ in length.
  2. This is their 37VH model, which measures 37’2″ in length. You may get an estimate of how much a new 37VH will cost by looking at a 2021 model for sale for $1,200,000.
  3. Freeman’s 42-foot-long 42LR is their largest model. The LR, which stands for “long-range,” is designed to be the ideal out at sea fishing vessel.

The End of the Road

The offshore catamaran has been rebuilt by Freeman Boatworks in a unique method, overcoming concerns such as speed and jerky handling in waves.

There is no denying that these boats are of the highest quality, despite the fact that they have a strong and vocal fan base.


Freeman Boat prices range from $439,999 to $1,495,000, there are also used boats for sale that can be found for less.

Freeman Boatworks was started in 2007 by Billy Freeman. The idea was to create the most high-performance offshore fishing platforms feasibly.

Freeman Boat prices range from $439,999 to $1,495,000, there are also used boats for sale that can be found for less.

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