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Glasstream Boat Reviews Models Available (2022)

Glasstream Boat Reviews: When it comes to deck design, minor details make a big difference.

Glasstream seems to have succeeded in its mission to design a functional and adaptable boat with a center console that blends a practical deck plan with a comfortable sitting posture for social sailing.

The realization only takes a few seconds of thought Glasstream boats are built with meticulous accuracy.

Glasstream Boat Reviews?

Glasstream Boat Reviews

How Good Are the Boats from Glasstream?

The entire item, from the cushions to the rub-rail, is constructed without using any wood in any way, shape, or form.

Glassing the deck and hull together over a grid structure of molded fiberglass packed with foam makes Glasstream boats stable and comfortable to ride.

Glasstream’s designs are purposefully overbuilt to resist any adversity Mother Nature can dish out.

Glasstream has hit the proverbial bull’s-eye with its production of mid-sized semi-custom center consoles, offering a 10-year hull guarantee and a long list of standard amenities that make sense.

How Dependable Are Glasstream Boats in a Storm?

At first glance, you can tell Glasstream boats are built with superior materials and craftsmanship, but a deeper look reveals even more.

Each model is a living, breathing product of almost twenty years of research and development. The innovative and novel hull design of the Glasstream has been protected as a work of intellectual property.

Experienced boaters were the driving force behind the brand’s success because they sought a product that ticked all of their boxes in terms of performance, style, quality of construction, and price.

To improve handling and performance, the hulls of these boats feature a step that reduces overall drag and starting lift, which are lovely additions to a center console of this size, offering a lot of flexibility in terms of fun activities you can do.You may expect a swift, dry, and relaxing journey.

How Long-Lasting Are Glasstream boats?

As a racing prototype, the GlasstreamTM hull was among the earliest of its kind to be built. This was a ground-breaking new concept at the time, but nowadays, it’s expected equipment on any high-performance v-bottom boat.

The reduced drag and the ability to commence the more significant lift provided by the stride improves maneuverability and efficiency. The result was a swift, dry, and relaxing trip.

Glasstream TM is entirely devoid of wood, so you can tell immediately that it’s high quality and will only get better with use. In this room, even the upholstery and the rub rail are made of synthetic materials.

The deck and the hull are both wholly enclosed in glass. A fiberglass panel with foam filling serves as the mechanism for the stringer. Tin is used for all wiring, and breakers and heat-shrink connectors are set up specifically for each appliance.

Glasstream Boat Reviews

How About the Older Glasstream Boats?

Boats are still being produced by Glasstream today. However, the BoatTrader website is an excellent place to browse used boats. BoatTrader is a great place to look for previously owned boats and boats that have been sitting around for a while.

You can expect to pay around $225,000 for a 2015 Glasstream 360 SCX. A Glasstream 328 SCX from 2005 might cost you roughly $65,000, which is a terrific resale value if you’re in the market for an older boat.

The Glasstream 273 SCX, a used boat released in 2012 for $55,000, is just one example of an older vessel available at a lower price.

On the boat marketplace, you can find a select number of Glasstream vessels up for grabs. You can expect to pay between $32,900 and $225,000.

Where Can I Find Replacement Components for My Older Models?

Glasstream produces a wide range of retrofit components. If you own an older boat and need replacement components, you can get them here. If you need Glasstream parts for an older model, the BoatOutfitters is the place to go.

Several types of doors are available, including cabin doors, hatch doors, cleats, storage doors, steel gas shocks, plunger latches, flush latches, console doors, and many more.

Parts for boats constructed within the last five years are usually available from your dealer (except for discontinued parts).

There is a wide variety of standard boat parts available at Boat Outfitters. As an added service, it may make unique fiberglass components on demand.

Glasstream Powerboats did not manufacture the engine in your boat; for replacement components, maintenance, or questions concerning the machine, don’t hesitate to contact the engine manufacturer or a certified Glasstream Powerboats dealer.

Glasstream Boat Reviews

To What Extent Do Glasstream Boats Typically Experience Issues?

Customers of Glasstream boats have mentioned a few common issues on online glasstream boat review sites and discussion forums. The most common problems are enumerated below.

It could be challenging to refuel the boat if the gasoline vent became plugged. Look to check if the fuel vent is blocked.

If you had your boat, you could get a lot further level or the bow dropped slightly lower than the stern when using high-velocity gas pumps.

Some Glasstream boats have had issues with scorching on the hull. The fiberglass and glue used to build your boat allow water to pass through.

Water-soluble chemicals cause blistering in the hull laminate. Blistering occurs when water saturates the gel coat and substrate space due to osmotic pressure.

There’s a chance the fiberglass boat will get ruined if something goes wrong when you’re out on the high tide. Repairing a hole through the fiberglass and into the foam may be necessary in this case.

How Long Glasstream Boats Typically Last Compared To Other Makes?

Fiberglass construction gives your Glasstream boat a long lifespan. To sum up, you need not stress how long your boat will last.

A Glasstream boat typically outlasts its rivals. In reality, with good maintenance, your boat can easily outlive ten years.

Glassing the deck and hull together over a grid structure of molded fiberglass packed with foam makes Glasstream boats stable and comfortable to ride.

The Glasstream boats are purposefully overbuilt to withstand anything mother nature can dish out.

Glasstream has hit the proverbial bull’s-eye with its production of mid-sized semi-custom center consoles, offering a 10-year hull guarantee and a long list of standard amenities that make sense.

Glasstream Boat Reviews

To What Extent Do Glasstream Boats Retain Their Value?

Each of these models is the result of over two decades of effort in R&D.

Glasstream is a company whose hull design is so novel and original that it has been protected by copyright.

Experienced boaters were the driving force behind the demand for Glasstream’s product line, as they sought efficiency, style, demanding excellence, and affordability.

The resale value for Glasstream is higher than usual. Comparatively, a 2013 Glasstream 360 SCX would set you back over $135,000, and a 2016 Glasstream 260 TE will run you around $58,900. Depreciation typically hovers about 20%.

Smart Margin Guide is a beautiful resource for determining the resale value of used boats. What can also sell used watercraft at this market?

Do You Still Manufacture Glasstream Boats?

The answer is yes; the business still produces and markets Glasstream boats. To date, they’ve created three different series. These Inshore boats are High-Performance Family Center Consoles.

There are six distinct variations of the High-Performance boats. Several different sizes are available, including the 280 Pro XS (27’8″ x 8’5″), the 280 SCX, the 328 Pro XS, the 328 SCX, the 360 Pro XS, and the 360 SCX.

There are six different variations of the Family Central Console. Several different CC models include the 180, 192, 221, 240, 240X, and 255 Pro XS.

Glasstream offers a total of four Inshore boats. Each type has a different number of cylinders, with options of 17, 20, 228, and 260.


Now more than ever, Glasstream is devoting its resources to creating offshore-ready center consoles with improved personalization options and performance-oriented extras. Glasstream isn’t abandoning its consumer-focused boating ethos to increase its footprint in the industry.

With their sleek, dynamic appearance, one-of-a-kind stepped hull, and efficient arrangement, the boats provide a great fishing platform. Therefore, there is no doubt that Gasstream boats can be relied on.

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