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Glastron Boats: High Quality, Affordable, and Durable *New 2022

Glastron Boats. Considering buying a Glastron boat? Here are a few things to ask yourself before making a decision. Do Glastron boats really last 50 years? Where are Glastron boats manufactured? And how heavy are they? Find out in this article! Read on to learn more about the benefits of this brand of the boat. Also, get a better idea of how much a Glastron boat costs. We’ll cover all of these questions and more!

Glastron Boats

Are Glastron Boats good?

Glastron Boats are a staple in the boating industry in the United States. The quality of these boats is well known, with many models lasting at least 50 years. They also maintain a high value over time, making them a smart investment. They can range in price from $50,000 to $80,000, depending on the model. You should take into consideration the typical problems and repair needs when purchasing a Glastron boat.

A low battery is another issue you might face with a Glastron boat. First of all, check the connections, and make sure everything is plugged in securely. If you find the connections are loose or broken, try placing the battery on a battery charger. Once it is charged, check the wiring and clean the area around the battery with a wire brush. Glastron boats are known for having cool looks, which can be an attraction for some boat buyers. You can even find older Glastron models in James Bond films!

The Glastron GT207 jet boat is the largest Glastron jet boat. This boat is a packaged version of the GT187. The GT207 offers an affordable jet-powered watercraft with a Rotax engine that produces 200 or 250 horsepower. The Glastron GT207 also comes with a legendary Quick-To-Plane Super Stable Vee Hull Boat. The fibreglass parts used in Glastron boats are produced by Genmar, a company that uses Virtual Engineered Composites (VEC). The hull is constructed using this technology, and the motor is environmentally friendly, exceeding clean air standards.

Does Glastron still make boats?

Does Glastron still make boats? This is the question on the minds of many boaters. This company first started in the early 1950s and has been making high-quality recreational crafts for four generations. The company’s history is steeped in innovation. Founder Bob Hammond resigned in 1974 to form the Hammond Boat Company. He aimed to build boats with high standards of quality. The name Glastron was suggested by an advertising copywriter. Hammond was a believer that the best-run American companies retained the best management teams, and he ensured that Glastron’s executives were leaders in different areas. During the early 1960s, Glastron’s engineering department developed a two-tone gel-coat hull.

Despite the company’s growth, it remained a leading boat manufacturer. In the early 1990s, Glastron’s manufacturing facilities moved from Austin, Texas to New Braunfels, Texas. It continued to produce family-oriented boats, including kayaks, jet skis, and pontoons. In 1993, Glastron reduced its wood content by 50%, replacing it with moulded composites and nylon rotocast materials. In 1987, Glastron was purchased by Genmar Industries, which was then led by Irwin Jacobs.

Where are Glastron boats manufactured?

If you are wondering where Glastron boats are made, you are in luck. This American icon has been in the boating business for over sixty years. The brand has continued to innovate while maintaining its amazing design legacy. The Glastron line of boats has become synonymous with high-performance and accessibility while providing buyers with the high quality and attention to detail that makes this brand stand out from the competition. The company’s modern Glastron boats are constructed using Virtual Engineered Composites (VEC) technology, which means they are built in just one piece rather than hundreds.

In the early 1970s, Glastron employed more than one thousand people in Austin. Its name was a play on the word glass and had nothing to do with Gaston’s last name. In 1987, Glastron was sold to Genmar Holdings Inc. and manufacturing was relocated to Minnesota. The late Robert R. Gaston, who founded the company in 1956, passed away in 2017.

How heavy is a Glastron boat?

You can easily find out the weight of a Glastron boat by looking at its measurements. The Glastron GTS 180 is 17’10” in length and 7’5″ wide. Its beam is approximately 2.26 meters, and it has a draft up of 14 inches (36 cm).

The 185 is the most popular Glastron boat, and it comes with all the amenities you could want – a big drink of iced tea if the water is warm enough! It’s a great package boat and is perfect for the drive-through trailer boat market. Listed at 185 pounds, this boat weighs 30.5 mph. It’s also a great candidate for a boat repowering project.

Some of the older Glastron boats can have issues with the deck. If you don’t maintain your boat properly, the deck may deteriorate and you could end up falling through it. If the deck has rotted, you can replace it with pressure-treated plywood to restore its original strength. And if the damage is too extensive, you can even repair the Glastron parts yourself by installing pressure-treated plywood.

How fast does a Glastron boat go?

Many consumers want to know: How fast does a Glastron boat go, and how many mph does it hit? There are two ways to answer that question. A Glastron boat has 115 horsepower, or about as fast as a 35 mph car. A Glastron with a smaller engine, such as a 75-horsepower Evinrude, can get as fast as 35 mph.

A typical Glastron boat will run about thirty-five miles per hour on a single charge. These boats feature a low-profile design and an SSV hull, which gives them excellent on-water performance. Regardless of the boat’s speed, you can expect to feel the difference with consistent, sharp handling. If the water is warm enough, you’ll want to have a big drink.

The price of a Glastron boat varies, but they are generally in the $50,000 to $80,000 range. Depending on the type of boat, you may want to spend more or less – the higher the horsepower, the more expensive the boat. The Glastron GTD 200 continues this tradition of innovation and user-friendliness with a 190 HP engine. If you don’t want to spend this much money on a boat, you can start a boat-repowering project by buying a used Glastron.

Glastron Boat Models

If you want to own a luxury boat, you should consider a Glastron. The company has been making boats for over 100 years and its focus on comfort, usability and layout is second to none. In addition, Glastron runabouts feature durable fibreglass cockpit floors. They offer three different power options, each with its own advantages. Choosing the correct power source depends on several factors, including speed and weight. Here are some tips to help you choose the best power source for your boat.

The Glastron boat buying guide is a great resource that highlights 10 different Glastron boat models. You’ll find detailed descriptions, specs, and dynamic videos of each model. You can also watch videos of the boats in action. To find the perfect boat, you can also locate a local dealer who carries them. Make sure you look for a boat that matches your needs and your budget. You’ll be glad you did!

For decades, Glastron has been one of the leading manufacturers of fibreglass boats. Today, Glastron continues to produce quality watercraft and has sold over fifty thousand models. Their boats have become so modern, and so stylish, that they are the perfect choice for movie stars. In fact, they were used in the James Bond film ‘Live and Let Die’! The boat’s styling is not only stylish but also functional, too.

Glastron Boats – A New Generation of Outboard Motor Boats

The founder of Glastron Boats, Bill Gaston, was 91 years old and trained in mechanical engineering at the University of Texas. He later attended night school in Detroit and graduated with a master’s degree in automotive engineering. After graduation from college, Bill worked for Chrysler for 15 months developing a turbine for gasoline engines. He later became a partner at Glastron Boats. During his time with the company, Glastron Boats have been a hit with boat enthusiasts.

Glastron Boats For Sale

When it comes to looking for a boat to suit your needs, Glastron has the right choice for you. For more than 60 years, this company has been building boats that are known for their style and performance. You can check out the different styles of Glastron boats at Patchogue Shores Marina, one of the largest dealers of Glastron boats. Below are some facts about each model:

Glastron Bowrider Series

Glastron Boats

Glastron GX 190

The new Glastron GX 190 is a remarkably functional and spacious fishing boat. The boat is equipped with a walkover platform on the transom, a generous swim platform and a retractable boarding ladder. The boat’s sleek profile and modern look are enhanced by a full-width walk-over platform that shifts the retractable boarding ladder outward to direct swimmers away from the propeller. The GX 190 also boasts NMMA certification and meets applicable USCG and Canadian regs.

Interior comfort is another highlight. The Glastron GX 190’s bow seating is spacious and features full-height backrest cushions and adjustable backrests. A dedicated nesting area for a removable cooler is provided under the walk-through, and optional coaming pads add extra appeal to the bow. A custom Glastron trailer is included with the GX 190 and includes brakes, LED cockpit lighting, and a swing-away tongue.

Glastron GX 190 Sport

The Glastron GX 190 Sport features a sleek wraparound windshield, bold colours and a Z-shaped tower. It is also NMMA-certified and compliant with applicable USCG and Canadian regs. With its upscale interior, it is perfect for a family vacation or weekend getaway. But what makes the GX 190 so much more than a simple family boat? Read on to discover some of its features.

The interior of the Glastron GX 190 Sport features a double-sized bench seat with adjustable backrests, low-profile safety rails and optional coaming pads. This bow seat is also equipped with stereo speakers to enhance your pleasure during the ride. This Glastron 190 also includes a custom-matched trailer. The trailer features brakes, LED lighting and a swing-away tongue. There’s also a lockable storage compartment for personal belongings.

Glastron GX 195

The new Glastron GX 195 is a comfortable, spacious cruiser with a full-width swim platform and a retractable side-facing boarding ladder. Other highlights of this yacht include its beautiful and durable upholstery, side-entry ladder and full-width swim platform. The Glastron GX 195 can be seen at Pro Nautik AG in Romanshorn, Switzerland. This dealership has been advertising on Boat24 for eight years.

The new Glastron GX 195 bowrider features a 4.5L V6 sterndrive with 200 horsepower and torque. A 250-horsepower engine is available to increase its performance. The new Glastron GX 195 has an impressive list of amenities and fresh, contemporary styling. It’s perfect for families and is designed with safety and comfort in mind. Its spacious cabins and galley are great for entertaining family and friends, and the sleek lines are sure to turn heads.

Glastron Boats

Glastron GX 195 Sport

The Glastron GX 195 Sport features a luxurious bow seating area with wrap-around backrests and low-profile rails. A fully finished table with a pedestal mount is installed beneath the bow seat. The boat features ample storage space, including a floor-ski locker. In addition, this boat comes with a permit to cruise on Lake Constance. For more information, visit Pro Nautik AG in Romanshorn, Switzerland. This boat has been advertised on Boat24 for the past eight years.

The Glastron GX 195 Sport features a full-width swim platform with a retractable boarding ladder and an expansive sun pad across the transom. The upholstery is excellent, combining premium vinyl, which is stain resistant and comfortable against the skin. In addition, the thick foam provides adequate support and cushioning. Its sleek, contemporary design is perfect for a family-friendly vessel. Its sleek and well-designed cockpit is a joy to operate.

Glastron GX 210

The 2022 Glastron GX 210 Sport comes equipped with a Mercury 225 Pro XS V8 and a tandem axle trailer. Its many upgrades include a full-width swim platform, a cockpit table, deluxe coaming pads in the interior, a premium sound package, and RGB lighting. It also meets all applicable USCG and Canadian regs. The NMMA-certified boat is a top choice for the discerning boater.

The Glastron GX 210 is a 6.40-meter bowrider with seating for 11 people. With a draft of 0.86 meters, this boat is perfect for coastal cruises and cruising. It can also go on rivers and canals. Its wide beam makes it easy to manoeuvre. Its CE certification Class C rating gives it the necessary safety and performance features to be an excellent vessel for any water activity.

Glastron GX 210 Sport

The 2022 Glastron GX 210 Sport comes with Mercury 225 Pro XS V8 and a tandem axle trailer. Upgrades include the XL Package, custom wraparound upholstery, and an upgraded depth gauge. This model also meets applicable USCG and Canadian regs. It also features a Z-shaped tower and a premium sound package. It also comes with a cockpit table and a Tandem axle trailer.

This model is a 6.40-meter bowrider with accommodation for up to eleven people. With a draft of 0.86 meters, it is ideal for coastal and river travel. Its high-tech electronics make it ideal for cruising the rivers and canals. And thanks to the class C CE certification, it’s capable of being launched without a hitch. It can also be used for commercial activities as well.

Glastron GX 215

If you are considering buying a Glastron GX 215 boat, here are a few things you should know about this type of vessel. It is a 7.00 m bowrider with seating for 10 people and a draft of 0.89 meters. It has CE certification class (C) and fibreglass/grp hulls. There are five Glastron GX 215 boats for sale listed on Boat Trader. You can view these boats online for a total price of $67,999. It is also related to the GT 205 and the GX 190.

The Glastron GX 215 offers a traditional look and feel, with well-crafted upholstery, a sleek wraparound windshield, and an updated helm. The boat also features comfortable, adjustable seating in the cockpit, a large sun pad, and a lifetime structural hull warranty. If you are looking for a bowrider with the most features and options, look no further than the Glastron GX 215 BOWRIDER.

Glastron Deck Boat Series

Glastron Boats

Glastron GTD 180

A universal model with three points of access, the Glastron GTD 180 is a versatile recreational vehicle. It can be outfitted with fishing gear and accessories, such as a bimini top, drink holders, and a powerful sound system. It can also be used in lakes, rivers, or enclosed bodies of water. Despite its versatility, it can be stored in a normal garage. And if you plan on using it for fishing, there’s a 115-hp Yamaha engine in the hull.

The Glastron GTD 180 features an enhanced design that captures the sport boat heritage of the company’s earlier models. The cockpit features a comfortable seated position and a wide bow and stern swim platforms. There’s also a pedestal table, which can change tone within three separate onboard spaces and can be stowed away when not in use. The Glastron GTD 180 can accommodate eight passengers and has a maximum engine power of 150 HP. With a maximum speed of up to 35 mph, the boat planes quickly and offers tight turns with its legendary SSV hull.

Glastron GTD 200

The Glastron GTD 200 is a versatile bowrider that can handle a variety of watersports. It comes in single and dual console versions with a full windshield and features the signature sweep “spear” hull design. The boat’s streamlined, comfortable interior features U-shaped seating and a hinged port-side door. The helming experience is impressive. However, the boat’s moderate deadrise can compromise its dynamic ability.

The GTD 200 was developed to mimic the driving dynamics of classic vehicles, such as the MG and Cadillac. The GTD 200 can carry 11 passengers and their gear and features a full set of standard equipment. You can also use the GTD 200 for commercial boating activities. The GTD 200’s specifications can be viewed here. It can be purchased from professional boat dealerships or private sellers. The GTD 200 is part of the Glastron line of sport boats, which has a rich history of innovation and user-friendliness.

The GTD 200 comes with 11 seats and a walk-through transom. The boat has a large rear boarding/swim platform with a recessed stainless steel ladder. Its interior is equipped with a Kicker four-speaker audio system. Among other features, the GTD 200 has a tinted windshield, a tilt-adjust sports steering wheel, and a blacked-out dash and fascia. The GTD 200’s cockpit is equipped with cavernous compartments for storing items.

Glastron GTD 205

The Glastron GTD 205 is an eight-foot, six-inch beam sterndrive deck boat. With accommodations for 11 people, the Glastron GTD 205 provides the ultimate in comfort and space. The boat has a convenient stern walkthrough and flip-out gunwale section that makes it easy to step down into the cockpit. It’s NMMA certified and has the power to handle any water adventure.

The Glastron GTD 205 offers a high-quality ride for up to eleven passengers and features an extended swim platform and ski tow. The boat has ample storage for wakeboards, with optional tower racks and a roomy in-floor locker. The wake of the Glastron GTD 205 is clean enough to launch a wakeboard and flattens at 30 mph or more. The GTD 205 comes standard with a fishing package that includes a front casting platform with a seat, Livewell, and a fishfinder. If you’d rather go with a different engine, you can purchase a Volvo 280-hp sterndrive for an additional $1,267.

Glastron Boats

Glastron GTD 220

The Glastron GTD220 is a popular inflatable deck boat that features a 150-horsepower outboard. It is towed by a Gatorhyde Tandem axle trailer. Available accessories include Reed flooring, the XL Package, a Ski Pylon, a Bimini Top, and a full tank of fuel. You can see this vessel up close at Mount Dora Boat Center.

The GTD 220 is built with a low hourly rate and plenty of room for up to 13 passengers. The Glastron GTD 220 features a spacious floor plan and numerous cockpit/windshield configurations. It also includes a walk-through transom and ample storage for 13 passengers. The Glastron GTD 220 is a great choice for families. Aside from the performance, this boat is comfortable and features plenty of storage space.

Glastron GTD 225

The Glastron GTS225 comes standard with a moulded-in swim platform. However, you can opt to extend the swim platform, which adds a soft mat to the walking surface. The three-step ladder is conveniently stored in a locker aft to starboard. It also includes a stereo remote control and auxiliary inputs. Aside from the swim platform, this model features a moulded-in anchor locker and reverse-spear gelcoat.

The Glastron GTS 225 features dynamic GTS graphics and colours, an exclusive SSV hull, an optional fishing package, and a custom-matched trailer. It is available with sterndrive power or outboard motors and meets USCG and Canadian regulations. The Glastron GTS 225 also meets ABYC and Canadian standards. And since it meets USCG and Canadian regulations, you can be sure of your safety in the water.

The Glastron GTD 225 Surf is a pontoon vessel that features accommodation for up to 13 people. It has a draft of 0.91 meters and a CE certification class (C). It is designed for coastal and river cruises, as well as canals. The GTD 225 can handle all types of water, from calm lakes to swift water. If you’re looking for a Glastron GTD 225 for sale, Boat Trader has 28 listings.

Glastron GTD 240

The Glastron GTD 240 is the flagship model of its outboard lineup. This dynamic boat is crafted with maximum capacity and comfort in mind. Its asymmetrical bow design gives ample room for a lounge and an enclosed head. It also offers dual adjustable helm seats and a spacious u-shaped cockpit with plenty of room for conversation. It features multiple boarding ladders, a side entry step and a cockpit storage console.

This outboard-powered boat provides exceptional performance and handling thanks to its power steering and electronic power and shift. There is plenty of room for a full crew of twelve, and it is versatile enough to go on rivers and canals. The price of the Glastron GTD 240 is $84.4 thousand USD in Russia. Those looking for a great boat can check out the many online reviews written by independent boating experts. You can watch the videos to learn more about the boat, the features and the price.

Designed for cruising, the Glastron GTD 240 is a versatile boat that combines nostalgic contouring with modern technological advancements. Its deep hull ensures stability. It also has style lines and stainless gunnels that give it a classic Glastron look. The GTD logo is on the side of the boat, and the spear and breather complement its overall design and colour scheme. While cruising the waters, it will be easy to find a perfect spot to sit in it and admire its beautiful contours.

Glastron GTD 245

The Glastron Boats GTD 245 is an excellent choice for recreational boating. This vessel has a generous space in the cockpit, a walk-through transom, and a sun pad over the engine box. This boat is also great for wakeboarding and has optional snap-in carpeting. It also comes with an optional bow-and-stern towbar and comes standard with an outdrive.

The Glastron 245 is available with bucket seats that swivel fore and aft. Each seat has diamond stitching along the centerline. Adding a pump-out Porta Potti costs an additional $267. For the extra money, the XL Package bundles a variety of useful features, including twin bucket seats with flip-up bolsters, snap-in custom carpet, hour meter, depth finder, bow scuff plate, and pull-up cleats.

The GTD 245 is an excellent option for those who want to cruise on the water in style. Its asymmetric bow provides for a comfortable ride, while optional headroom and a headroom give it the added luxury of being able to wash in the boat’s toilet and head. The GTD 245 has a five-year hull and deck warranty, but there are a number of exclusions to this policy.

Glastron Surf Series

Glastron Boats

Glastron GTD 205 Surf

The Glastron GTD 205 Surf is a renowned performer amongst the do-it-all Deck boats. With its spacious interior and a wide variety of water sports, this Glastron offers something for every water sports enthusiast. This boat is NMMA certified. You can even rent a GTD 205 Surf! Its new SSV hull and powerful engine make it the perfect watercraft for any type of adventure.

This 22-foot sports towboat boasts Volvo Penta Forward Drive. It also comes with a baitwell, rod holders, and a bow casting platform. The Glastron GTD 205 Surf also comes with a full complement of optional equipment. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose from various colours, trim levels, and accessories. The Glastron GTD 205 Surf will fit all your needs and exceed all your expectations.

Glastron GTD 225 Surf

The Glastron GTD 225 Surf is a sports tow vehicle that can accommodate up to 13 passengers. The GTD 225 Surf is 7.40 meters long and has an impressive draft of 0.91 meters. The boat has a CE certification for safety and is suitable for rivers and canals. The GTD 225 Surf is available in both a new and pre-owned version. The boat’s price is between $6,000 and $16,000, depending on the options.

This boat is well-suited for wakeboarding and is a versatile vessel for fishing. A portside console is equipped with seats that extend from the boarding ladder to the wraparound bucket of the captain. A bow scuff plate adds extra protection for the fibreglass deck and offers convenient boarding. The boat’s hull also has a removable cockpit floor. It also comes with a trailer with quad disc brakes, which make towing and storage easy.

The Glastron GTD 225 Surf & Fish is equipped with a Volvo Penta Forward Drive system that improves manoeuvrability and increases efficiency. The boat’s twin counter-rotating props cancel out the prop torque generated at low speeds, eliminating slow-speed wandering. The twin counter-rotating props deliver superior bite for the improved holeshot. The Forward Drive system also improves the pivot point of the boat during a turn and enables a harder turn.

Glastron GTD 245 Surf

The Glastron GTD 245 Surf is the ultimate wakeboarding, water skiing, and fishing boat. This 24-foot model has dual adjustable helm seats that let you sit up high and watch the surfer or communicate with the driver. This boat’s sleek, modern profile and numerous hidden features will make you feel at home on your next outing. Here are some of the boat’s most notable features. Read on to learn more.

The Glastron GTD 245 Surf is an incredible recreational vessel with accommodation for up to 12 people. This sportfishing boat is a perfect match for overnight cruising and saltwater fishing. If you’re looking for one in your local area, you can search for listings on Boat Trader. Hundreds of marine brokerages and dealers work with Boat Trader, which means you’ll find a Glastron GTD 245 that suits your needs and budget.

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