Hobie Cat 18 for Sale Only $3.500 USD *2022 Best Price

Hobie cat 18 for sale 1976 The Hobie Cat 18 is a small boat. At 18 feet, this is the Hobie Cat This is a great boat to sail. A new job, trampoline, sheets, tiller arm, and standing rigging have been added to the boat. I bought this boat in California five years ago and did a complete overhaul. Hobie Boats for Sale The hulls are strong. In Rocky Point, Mexico, I drive the boat to Sandy Beach and sail off of the coast.

Hobie Cat 18 For Sale
Hobie Cat 18 For Sale

It comes with a lot of extras, like Cat Tracks and life jackets, as well as spare parts: Hobie Cat Boats for Sale With two people, the boat is the fastest. Everything you need to sail tomorrow is in the package. The boat is in Phoenix, Arizona, at the address 85024. Hobie Boats You should look into shipping costs to your place.

Hobie Cat 18 for Sale Specs and Reviews

Hobie Cat 18 For Sale
Hobie Cat 18 For Sale


  • Price: $3,500
  • Mail: Click


  • City: Phoenix
  • State: Arizona
  • Make: Hobie Cat
  • Model: Hobie 18
  • Year: 1976
  • Length: 18
Hobie Cat 18 For Sale
Hobie Cat 18 For Sale

A performance cat called the Hobie 18 Cat was launched in 1977. It was meant to take the Hobie family of boats to the next level. Hobie Boats The boats were made with symmetrical hulls and daggerboards. The boat also had features that were not available on earlier Hobie designs. Both the Roller Furling Jib and a built-in traveller track on the rear crossbar are great. Hobie 18 for sale Another big change from previous Hobie designs was the Mainsail with loose feet. Integral wings for hiking and trapezing.

Hobie Cat 18 For Sale
Hobie Cat 18 For Sale

Hobie cat 18 sx for sale Spring-loaded pivoting daggerboards can be controlled with a single line of code. taffeta sails were made of Mylar or Dacron The first Hobie to be made with a CompTIA. It would be possible to add new rudder castings to the 18 and make them standard on all new models. Hobie Cat for Sale The boat was a hit right away, and there were lots of competing fleets in North America, Australia, and Europe, where the boat was made with an all-aluminium mast that was tapered above the hounds. 17 became an ISAF class in 1990.

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The cost of a Hobie 18 Cat Boat is close to $3,500

Hobie Boats is the company behind Hobie Cat 18 design and construction.

The cost of a Hobie 18 Cat is close to $3,500

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