Lobster Boats for Sale in Maine US$295.000 Custom Downeast Lobster Yacht *New 2022 Best

Lobster Boats for Sale in Maine. It is a classic, 1957 Islesboro, Maine lobster boat constructed in Thomaston by VIM (Ex-Crestor, Ex-OWL). A classic example of the lobstering hull leisure boats built in the second part of the twentieth century in Penobscot Bay. Lobster boats for sale, have been completely rebuilt and are ready for sailing, parties, and other forms of amusement. Lobster fishing boats for sale in Maine, VIM originates from a collection of devoted yachtsmen and experienced restorers of notable yachts and vintage autos. For example, VIM’s profile, lines and all-wood structure stay faithful to her history.

Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine
Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine

When it came time to restore her, however, the goal was to turn an old utilitarian pleasure boat from Maine into a museum-quality vessel with modern amenities and durability. Maine lobster boats for sale, SOUNDINGS magazine’s February 2018 cover features an illustration of VIM. Maine Boats, HOMES & HARBORS previously reviewed her work. Requests for detailed information will be met.

Lobster Boats for Sale in Maine Review and Specs


  • Price: $295,000
  • Phone: 207-337-9812 or Click
  • Location: Rockport, Maine


  • Year: 1957
  • Make: Custom
  • Model: Downeast Lobster Yacht
  • Class: Lobster Boat
  • Length: 36
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Hull Material: Wood
Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine
Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine

Which Lobster Boats Are For Sale in Maine?

If you are considering buying a lobster boat for sale in Maine, you have probably wondered which type to buy. You can choose from Brimstone lobster boats, Peapod lobster boats, or Ellis 28 Lobster Yachts. Here are some of the most popular boats on the market right now. You can also learn about the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association, which holds racing events throughout the summer. The racing season runs from mid-June to late August.

Peapod lobster boats

If you are looking for a traditional Maine lobster boat, a Peapod is a great option. Peapods are small double-ended rowing boats with an oar or sail. Peapods were originally used for inshore lobster fishing. Their shallow draft and manoeuvrability helped them work their way around the notorious ledges that are common on the Maine coast. Today, peapod lobster boats are also popular as a family pleasure boats because of their classic lines and great performance.

Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine
Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine

After the development of modern lobster traps, the Peapod was eventually converted into a recreational tender. The commercialization of the lobster industry forced fishermen to use larger vessels and heavier traps. They were also used as tenders in the Feeder Races, a competition between sailboats and dinghy fishing vessels. Peapod lobster boats for sale in Maine were a great option for those who wanted to start a family business.

Ellis 28 Lobster Yacht

The Ellis Boat Company has a long history of building boats in Maine, including the award-winning Ellis 28 Lobster Yacht for sale in Maine. This proven boat comes with many upgrades, including a new Yanmar diesel engine and a newly refinished aft deck and shelter. Inside, it features a spacious cockpit, galley, head and berth. A 2008 refit has improved its performance and overall appearance.

Built-in Maine, this classic model was a custom boat with a low price tag. The SPECTATOR was built in 2004 and finished by Billings Yachts for over seven hundred thousand dollars. The SPECTATOR features cored honeycomb granite countertops and raised panel doors. It also features a Yanmar with low hours and a custom 5 blade Nibral propeller. This lobster yacht can cruise comfortably in the mid to high teens, making it a perfect boat for the coast of Maine.

Brimstone lobster boat

Whether you’re looking to start a commercial fishing business or just want a fun boat to spend time on the water with, there are several things to consider when looking for a Brimstone lobster boat for sale in Maine. These boats are truly unique and have distinctive paint chips, buoys, and traps. They also have an interesting history. Although they were first mentioned in the Boston Gazette in 1726, they actually date much further back than that.

There are many different styles of Maine lobster boats for sale. From small and simple double-ended boats to larger ones, they are made to accommodate heavy cargo and a small crew. Many lobster boats are also designed to accommodate a variety of amenities, including a hydraulic haulier for moving the traps, bottom depth sounders, GPS, radar, and GPS. Some lobster boats are equipped with a skeg, which allows them to float more easily in rough water and carry a larger load.

Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine
Lobster Boats For Sale In Maine

Ellis 24 Express Cruiser

Several Ellis 24 Express Cruiser lobster boats for sale are available for purchase in Maine. The boat was built for former Secretary of Defense Thomas Gates, Jr., and features classic lobster boat lines and amenities. It was also skippered by Raymond Bunker for twenty-four summers. These boats have many desirable features. Ellis 24 Express Cruiser lobster boats for sale in Maine may be the perfect choice for your fishing adventures.

Besides their classic look, Ellis boats are also known for their hefty price tags. New boats cost in the $175K range. However, you can still find some bargains if you choose an older Ellis. These boats are constructed like tanks and offer classic styling. You can speak to the builders and ask about their design and construction. Many of the boats have owners who are commissioned by Ellis.

Ellis 24 Express Cruiser (soft-top model)

An Ellis 24 Express Cruiser is a versatile downeast cruiser. She’s comfortable and stable while speeding through the waters. You’ll love it, and it’s also great value. If you’re in the market for a lobster boat for sale in Maine, the Ellis 24 may be just the right choice. These vessels are available from owners who know how to use them for lobstering.

The shipyard also produces a variety of hull and superstructure kits for other companies. The company performs 75 percent of the new-boat construction and repair work on their boats. They’re retiring their Lowell 43 after almost 20 years of service, but they’re replacing it with a new model. The new 46-footer will have a higher bow, a deeper forefoot, and more flare and tumblehome. The new boat will also be more streamlined, with a wood-cored hull and a molded fiberglass superstructure.

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The cost of Custom Downeast Lobster Yacht is close to US$295,000

Lobster Boats is the company behind the Custom Downeast Lobster Yacht design and construction.

The cost of a Lobster Boats, Custom Downeast Lobster Yacht is close to US$295,000

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