Nor Sea 27 for Sale Nor Sea 27 ONLY $38.900 *New 2022 Best

Nor Sea 27 for Sale. It might require some cosmetic work, but otherwise, the boat is in excellent shape, according to its owner’s assessment. Nor’Sea 27 Sailboat With only a few tweaks, it could be ready to go into the water. There are no hull blisters. Ready to go: Two gallons of bottom paint Come visit this classic sailing vessel, which has undergone extensive renovations and is now ready for a new owner.

Nor Sea 27 For Sale
Nor Sea 27 For Sale

The future owner of this Nor’sea 27 will be delighted to see it back on the water. In the opinion of the owner, this is a solid bluewater vessel Ten years ago, the boat was parked on the trailer with a Yanmar 2GM, 15 horsepower diesel engine that had never been used. Nor Sea 27 A new gasoline tank was put in around ten years ago and has never been filled with petrol.

The entire electrical system was properly updated with the most recent equipment two years ago. Nor Sea 27 Sailboat LED lights for the exterior of the boat and a new radar and depth sounder are included in this package. However, it still retains the original inside lighting. Three anchors, a composting toilet authorized by the Coast Guard, and a slew of other amenities are included.

If required, the owner is prepared to transport the item to you.

Nor’sea 27 for sale

The Nor’Sea 27 is an excellent choice for both a small sailboat and a luxurious yacht. With a roomy cockpit for four passengers, it’s made of 18-ounce woven roving sandwiched between two pieces of 1-1/2-ounce fibreglass mat. You’ll be able to locate a boat that meets your demands, no matter what they are. You’ll be able to choose the ideal boat for your needs with a little investigation.

Even though it cannot be transported on a trailer, the Nor’Sea 27 is quite portable and can be transported from one ocean to another with ease. The keel chamber is seven-sixteenths of an inch smaller than the deck of the boat’s fibreglass hull, which is made up of 22 layers of the mat. Extra security and privacy are provided by trimming the hull. If you are looking for a quality boat, the Nor’Sea 27 is a wonderful option.

A NoraSea 27 is a good option if you’re wanting to buy a sailboat. Portable mobility and capacity to endure severe seas make it ideal for frequent fliers. From $40,000 to $160,000, you may expect to pay for a finished yacht. Nor Sea 27 is a pocket-cruiser for the discriminating yacht buyer that’s adaptable, tough, and inexpensive.

Nor’Sea 27 Boats for Sale Interior

Nor Sea 27 For Sale
Nor Sea 27 For Sale
Nor Sea 27 For Sale
Nor Sea 27 For Sale

Nor’Sea 27 Reviews & Specs


  • Price: $38,900
  • Phone: (941) 538-7803


  • Year: 1977
  • Make: Nor’Sea Marine
  • Model: 27
  • Location: Washington
  • Length: 27
  • Category: Motor Sailers
Nor Sea 27 For Sale
Nor Sea 27 For Sale

The Nor’Sea 27 sailboat interior is stunning. Underwater lights, a shower, and a sink are included. For a couple or a small family, the Nor’Sea 27 for sale is a wonderful option. It’s a terrific option for a day trip or a weekend break because of its high-end amenities. If you’re in the market for a boat, make careful to check up on the seller’s references.

YachtWorld is a great place to look for a used Nor’Sea 27. A wide range of Nor’Sea models is available for purchase on this website. You may also check Craigslist to see if any postings meet your needs. Additionally, there is a comprehensive archive of previous models available on this page. It’s a good idea to look for a pre-owned Nor’Seas.

The shower, stove, washbasin and toilet are all on board. Various lighting options are available for both the boat and the water. It’s possible to get a wing for your engine. GPS and a fish finder are among the most recent innovations. The vendor of this Nor’Sea 27 yacht is the very first owner. Firefighting equipment, as well as radios, remain unused. The controls of a Nor’Sea 27 from 1977 are overly simplistic. This boat can travel 90 miles on a single litre of gasoline.

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The cost of a Nor Sea 27 Boat is close to $38,900

Pop Yachts is the company behind Nor Sea 27 design and construction.

The cost of a Nor Sea 27 Boat is close to $38,900

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