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Pontoon Boats for Sale in Alabama, Pontoon boats, which range in length from 16 feet to 28 feet and hold anywhere from seven to twenty passengers, are great for day sailing, freshwater fishing, and water sports. Outboard or stern drive engines are used for propulsion in these boats. 8 636 new and 1 309 used Pontoon boats are for sale, with prices ranging from as little as $9,999 to $247,585, from well-known manufacturers like Bennington, Sylvan, and Sun Tracker.

Pontoon Boats for Sale in Alabama

When looking for a pontoon boat for sale, you should consider a couple of things. First, the boat must be in good condition. The cover must be in good condition, too. Second, it must be in excellent condition. The owner has only used the boat a few times in the past few weeks. Third, the boat must be in great shape. While it is not in show-ready condition, it does require some minor cleaning. Regardless of these factors, you will be able to find a great deal on a pontoon boat for sale in Alabama.

What is a pontoon boat?

Pontoon Boats for Sale in Alabama, Trailerable pontoon boats are ideal for a variety of water activities, including day sailing, freshwater fishing, and other water sports. They come in many shapes and sizes, with the shortest boat being 16 feet long and the largest being 29 feet long, with a length of 23 feet being the average. A wide range of boat building businesses develops and produce these vessels, which come in a number of hull shapes such as pontoon, modified vee, flat, monohull, and more. Pontoon boats for sale on Boat Trader include 10,503 new boats as well as 1,788 used boats from both individual sellers and professional boat shops around the United States.

Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama
Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama

Which pontoon boats are best?

Bennington, Sylvan, Sun Tracker, Harris, and Barletta are some of the most well-known designers of pontoon boats today. With outboard, outboard-4S, and other types of propulsion systems as well as a wide range of fuel systems available to choose from, these manufacturers create a variety of pontoon boats. The most popular pontoon boat brands on Boat Trader in the last 30 days were Avalon, Bennington, Harris, Premier, and Sun Tracker. Pontoon Boats for Sale in Alabama

What are the prices of pontoon boats?

There are pontoon boats for sale on Boat Trader that range in price from a reasonable $9,995 to a luxury $247,013 for the most expensive vessels. Some versions can handle motors of 700 horsepower, while smaller utilitarian models can have engines as little as 20 horsepower (although the average power size is 150 HP).

What makes pontoon boats so popular?

Pontoon boats are a popular choice for day sailing, freshwater fishing, and watersports because of their very deep draft and average beam. According to our current inventory, pontoon boats can accommodate an average of 12 persons and a maximum of 20. There are now 12,291 pontoon boats posted for sale on Boat Trader, and 2,963 more have been offered for sale in the last 30 days.

A Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are in the midst of a full-blown renaissance unless you’ve been hiding beneath a dock. So, what exactly is the big deal?

With friends and family, pontoon boats are a terrific way to get out on the lake and enjoy the scenery.

When it comes to spending time with friends and family on the lake, pontoon boats are a popular choice. Because of this, there are several reasons why.

Pontoon boats are no longer the sluggish, clumsy “party barges” they were formerly known for, thanks to improvements in pontoon tube design, new boatbuilding materials, outside fabric developments, and lighter, more efficient outboard engines.

These days, you’ll find pontoon boats that can reach speeds in the 60s with up to 900 horsepower. Many have interiors that are as luxurious as those in a high-end car. Performance “tube” kits for pontoon boats allow them to turn as well as many fiberglass-hulled boats.

For those who have never heard of a pontoon boat, here’s your chance. The design of a pontoon tube might be just as logical as, say, rocket science. Whatever your reason for wanting a pontoon boat, here are some things to keep in mind. Our goal is to provide you with enough information on pontoon boat basics so that you may do your own research, pick a pontoon boat, and finally buy it—or determine whether another type of boat is a better fit for your boating style.

Learn everything there is to know about pontoon boats in our in-depth resource dedicated to them.

Think pontoon boats are sluggish and awkward? Thoughts?

Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama
Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama

What Are Pontoon Boats?

In order to understand pontoon boats, you need to know what they are in the first place. Any type of boat with a broad flat deck that is supported by two or more metal tubes known as pontoons is considered a pontoon boat. The term “tri-toon” refers to boats with three pontoons. There’s a lot of reserve buoyancy in these pontoons, so designers can build huge deck layouts with all kinds of amenities, such as vast lounge spaces, stand-up bars, and sun pads. These pontoons are also known as “tubes.” Increasingly powerful stern drives have been made possible by improved tube design.

Construction of Pontoon Boats

In the simplest form, a pontoon boat consists of two tubes that taper to a point at the front of the boat. They’re virtually always constructed from marine-grade aluminum sheets that have been welded together. Fuel tanks and stowage spaces are often located in the tubes. Deck support channels and cross beams, the structural supports to which the pontoon’s deck will be attached, are often welded to the tops of these tubes. The firmness of a pontoon’s ride and feel is greatly enhanced by the presence of these support channels.

When it comes to pontoon boat building, the devil is in the details. Preventing future problems on a pontoon boat can be as simple as asking the correct questions upfront.

When it comes to the building of pontoon boats, the devil is in the detail. Pontoon boat components may cause difficulties, therefore it is important to ask the correct questions when purchasing one. A fuel tank and storage compartment may be seen at each end of the middle tube.

The deck is the next step. To cover plywood, most contractors use a variety of grades and thicknesses of carpet or vinyl flooring. After the perimeter of the deck is completed with an aluminum fence and side panels, inside components and mechanical and electrical systems are installed. Before the pontoon leaves the factory, the engine(s) are the frosting on the cake.

Research and queries regarding building methods and materials are essential in addition to inquiring about warranties for tubes, deck, and other components. Asking or researching questions like “How to do you waterproof and treat the deck?” or “How are the support structure and tubes engineered?” is a smart idea. The better the pontoon boat’s materials, craftsmanship, and engineering, the longer it will endure.

Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama
Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama

Options for Pontoon Boats

Many manufacturers will be able to custom-build a pontoon boat to suit your specific needs, with a variety of configurations and additional features. As a result, it might be scary and/or difficult to understand at times. It’s possible that you’d want four chaise loungers, purple upholstery, and seagrass-looking flooring. There’s nothing to worry about. Alternatively, you may like a pontoon with a waterslide and joystick docking that is double-decked and powered by two separate engines. It’s a smart idea to know which choices you’ll want and how you’ll use them before spending a lot of money on a $20,000 24-footer with all these possibilities.

When it comes to personalizing a pontoon boat, the only limit is your own creativity.

When it comes to designing a pontoon boat, your imagination is the only limit.

All-in-one Packages

Pontoon boats are extremely customizable, allowing for as many as 20 alternative external and interior design options for each model. In addition, there are usually hundreds of options for fabric, upholstery, floor covering, and graphics packages to choose from.. Phew. The good news is that most manufacturers have websites where you can virtually design and price your pontoon, down to the accent graphics and the Bimini top, to your exact preferences.


Almost all pontoons, ranging in length from 14 to 30 feet, come equipped with a basic motor that isn’t very impressive. Consequently, a larger, more powerful power plant or array of power plants is the most common choice. The speed, fuel consumption, and intended use of the pontoon boat should all be taken into account while making this decision. It’s a good idea to check out the websites of outboard manufacturers to see if they have performance and fuel consumption bulletins for some of the new boats that utilize their engines. Using this information, you may have a good sense of what size engine your pontoon should have.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the selection of outboard for a pontoon is a little more complicated than it is for other boats. Pontoon-specific engines are available, however, they may require customized propellers or gear ratios. Read Pontoon Boat Outboards for additional information.

All kinds of tube engineering are employed by the pontoon boat builder in order to improve the boat’s performance.

When designing pontoon boats, manufacturers utilize a variety of tube engineering techniques in order to improve their overall performance.

Packages for Pontoon Boat Performance

Additional tubes, bigger tubes, tubes with lifting strakes and/or keels, under-deck skins, or tubes that are specifically shaped—and more—are commonly included in performance-oriented packages. Add-ons to the tubes boost performance, especially in turns, but they also increase buoyancy, allowing larger engines to be installed, increasing your speed.

There are several electronics alternatives for pontoon boats, but this one has all its functions incorporated into an ind=dash touchscreen display.

The in-dash touchscreen device on this Premier pontoon boat, one of several technological choices available on pontoon boats, integrates all of the systems.


The helms of pontoon boats don’t usually have a lot of maritime gadgets on board. In contrast, if you’re a gadget freak, there are a slew of builders offering choices like built-in touch panels, chart plotters, and other electronic gadgets.

Just in case you didn’t already know, pontoon boats are huge users of stereos. On one of the pontoons we looked at, there are 18 possible stereo and speaker configurations. LED lighting packages are also available. Many of these packages, while garish at first glance, really improve the boat’s usage in low-light conditions by illuminating cup holders and other key deck places.

Types of Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are more typically seen on interior lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and the like than on the coast. From watersports to fishing, these boats are used by their owners for a wide range of activities. Some of the most common varieties and uses for pontoons can be found here, so let us take a closer look at them.

This Premier Dodici 310 has 900 hp, and you can see it on the rear.

900 horsepower is what you see on the rear of this Premier Dodici 310 if you do the arithmetic.

Pontoon Boats That Deliver on Performance

If you want to move fast, a pontoon with a lot of power on the back can be the perfect solution for you. Up to 900 horses can be housed in these “rocketoons” (as they’re known). And with the correct performance pontoon package, you’ll be carving corners at high speeds.

Consider the Bennington 30 Club Twin or the Premier Dodici 310 as a starting point. With a peak speed of 60 MPH, the Dodici boasts three Evinrude E-TEC two-stroke outboards. Pub-style seating and bar service are also available. There are two 300-hp Yamaha F300s in the Bennington Club twin and it has a peak speed of 50 mph. In this area, you’ll never be short of reasons to accelerate.

To discover more, have a look at our movie, Performance Pontoon Boats: The Need for Speed. For those who are naturally drawn to the quickest boats, check out 5 Rocket-Fast Pontoon Boats.

Manitou’s Xplode 23 SRS SHP is designed for watersports such as skiing and tubing.

Designed for watersports like skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding, the Manitou Xplode 23 SRS SHP is an excellent choice.

Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama
Pontoon Boats For Sale In Alabama

Pontoon Boats for Sporting and Recreation

Almost every pontoon that has adequate horsepower and a towing pole or mount can tow tubers, skiers, and wakeboarders, but there is special types of pontoons built for the job. Towline mounts and brackets for the board and ski storage are common features, as are brightly colored interiors.

The 350-horsepower Yamaha F350 four-stroke outboard powers the Aqua Patio AP 250 XP, a watersports speed demon. In addition, it features a watersports tower, under-deck board storage, and a sleek exterior that looks excellent when traveling at 60 mph across the ocean.

Pontoon boat picture by Bennington 2575 QCW

With a unique mahogany fence design, the Bennington 2575 QCW is ready to go.

Luxury Pontoon Boats

The primary focus of a luxury pontoon is on your comfort. You’re imagining buttery-soft upholstery and seating configurations that are so plush you’ll swear you’re floating on air. Joystick steering, dual engines, enormous chaise couches, entire stand-up bars, and cool-looking LED lighting and fence schemes are all included in the more expensive versions.

The Harris FloteBote Crowne 250, the Premier Sunsation 270 Walk-On, and the Premier 290 Grand Entertainer are just a few examples of these comfortable vessels.

Learn more about luxury pontoon boats by watching our film, Luxury Pontoon Boats: Maximum Relaxation.

Sun Tracker’s Fishin’ Barge 20 DLX is seen.

Rod holders, live wells, fishing seats, and more are included in this Sun Tracker Fishin’ Barge 20 DLX. Just add some fish.

Pontoon Boats for the Fishing Industry

There are many pontoon boats to choose from for those who want to fish while on the water, so don’t worry about finding the right one. These vessels are excellent for fishing, as they have ample deck room to accommodate live wells, fishing rods, and other gear. In addition to their low draft, pontoon boats are perfect for entering shallow water.

Take a peek at the Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 or the Sun Tracker Fishin’ Barge 22 XP3 before you wet a line. You’re doing something wrong if you can’t catch fish from any of these fishy pontoons. Check out Can a Pontoon Boat Be a Serious Fishing Boat? for more information. The pros and cons of fishing-specific pontoons will be discussed in this article.

A Bennington pontoon boat in action.

 As a wonderful family pontoon, Bennington’s layout is tidy and easy to follow.

Boats for a Day of Fun with the Whole Family

It’s unfair to compare these pontoon boats to station wagons, so perhaps it’s more accurate to call them the sea’s equivalent of sport utility vehicles (SUVs). A good family pontoon offers a lot of room for lounging, an ergonomic layout, and many alternatives to keep the comfort level high, whether you’re just relaxing or exploring.

The Aqua Patio WB, the Sun Tracker Party Barge 24 XP3, and the Harris FloteBote Solstice 240 are just a few of the top boats in this class.

The Princecraft VECTRA 23 is in motion.

There’s a lot of boat for the money with the Princecraft Vectra 23.

Value Pontoon Boats

Some people are searching for a dependable, pleasant pontoon that won’t eat up their kids’ college savings like Honda Civics or Toyota Corollas. When shopping for a pontoon boat on a budget, the good news is that there are many options to consider. Cheap isn’t always a terrible thing, though. It’s easy to get reasonably priced pontoons that are capable and comfortable enough to give endless hours of enjoyment, relaxation, and fun on the lake.

For example, look at the Princecraft Vectra 23, Paddle Qwest 614, or Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 pontoons on the market.

You can find out more about this subgenre by watching Value Pontoon Boats: Get the Most Bang for your Buck.

Premier Dodici 310 for Sale

There is a variety of pricing for premier boats for sale on the website, with the cheapest boats starting at $11,014 and the most costly boats reaching $336,238. Higher-performance variants presently on the market are equipped with engines producing up to 800 horsepower, while shorter, more cheap, and more useful ones may be powered by engines producing as little as 84 horsepower (although the average motor size is 250 HP).

Premier Boats provides a variety of boat hull types and styles, including pontoons and others, among the boats on the list. In addition to day cruising and watersports, these vessels are frequently utilized for freshwater fishing as well as other popular boating activities. The boats now offered from this constructor are equipped with outboard, outboard-4S, inboard, and inboard/outboard propulsion systems, which are available in gas and alternative fuel configurations. Premier Dodici 310 for Sale.

Aside from other classes and types, Premier is well-known for its pontoon, high-performance, center console, cruiser, and freshwater fishing boats, among other things. Overall, these accessible boats have a shallow draft and a moderate beam, which make them an excellent choice for day sailing, watersports, and freshwater fishing, among other things.

Premier Dodici 310 is a great boat for fishing, cruising, and other water sports. The 310 offers plenty of space for up to 10 people and features an efficient V-drive engine. The boat is also easy to operate and can be sailed by beginners.


$19,999 to upwards of $247,585

Trailerable pontoon boats are ideal for a variety of water activities, including day sailing, freshwater fishing, and other water sports.

With outboard, outboard-4S and other types of propulsion systems as well as a wide range of fuel systems available to choose from, these manufacturers create a variety of pontoon boats.

$9,995 to a $247,013

Pontoon boats are a popular choice for day sailing, freshwater fishing, and watersports because of their very deep draft and average beam

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