Prodigy Boats for Sale US$21.500 Prodigy 1854 Marsh Tuff *New 2022

Prodigy Boats for Sale The 2015 Prodigy DUCK and FISH custom was made by Prodigy Boats in 2015. It’s called 1854 MARSH TUFFS. There are no other metals in this case. 54 inches wide and 18 feet long, with a 2-foot duckbill, is how big this duck is. With gator skin on the bottom, you can slide on mud and logs. Prodigy boat price US$21,500. Black Death has a 45 hp engine. used prodigy boats for sale Mud Buddy drives on the surface of the road (LESS than 24 HRS).

Prodigy Boats for Sale It’s foam padding on all of the places where you can stand. Bluetooth sound system with 10 speakers and Bluetooth. prodigy boat for sale, Some of the things that help you fish with a bow It has an 80lb thrust trolling motor that has LED headlights (not shown in the picture) and interior lights.

Prodigy Boats For Sale
Prodigy Boats For Sale

Prodigy 1854 Marsh Tuff There are two poles, one of which has a poling platform on top of the motor. There is also a shell rack, gun storage, duck boat for sale, shell rack, large front end dry storage, and a dog ledge for fetching the fish. For duck hunting and fishing, this boat was made for me. prodigy boats for sale craigslist It can go up and down rivers. It comes with a trailer as well. Prodigy duck boats, Among the things that come with a Magic Tilt trailer from 2015 is this:

Prodigy Boats For Sale
Prodigy Boats

Prodigy Boats for Sale Specs and Reviews


  • Price: US$21,500
  • Phone: 813-3635957 – Click
Prodigy Boats For Sale
Prodigy Boats


  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Georgia
  • Make: Prodigy Boats
  • Length; 18
Prodigy Boats For Sale
Prodigy Boats

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The cost of a Prodigy 1854 Marsh Tuff Boat is close to $21,500

Prodigy Boats is the company behind Prodigy 1854 Marsh Tuff, design and construction.

The cost of a Prodigy Boats, Prodigy 1854 Marsh Tuff is close to $21,500

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