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Smoker Craft Boats Reviews: Best Perusal (2022)

Smoker Craft Boats Reviews: In pontoon, aluminum, and fiberglass boat building, There is little doubt that Smoker Craft is a market leader.

Fishing boats are the company’s most popular product. Some of the boats come with additional amenities.

Smoker Craft Boats Reviews

Is Smoker Craft’s line of boats dependable?

How Excellent Are Smoker Craft Boats?

Smoker Craft boat reviews say that they have a higher quality for each area of its design and production.

They are great at providing you with boats with a hydra-lift hull, considerable strength, and durability, especially for fishing with a wiser helm.

The company’s business approach has been successful since its inception in 1921. Aluminum fishing boats, high-performance sport boats, and next-generation pontoons are just a few of their award-winning creations.

Exactly How Trustworthy Are Smoker Craft Boats?

I have some good news for the anglers out there who are searching for the ultimate fishing boat. Smoker Craft fishing boats can be used for a wide range of fishing activities.

Whether you’re a nightcrawler fisherman searching for a secret fishing hole, a swell-chasing angler hoping to see a rod bend, or an inland lakeshore angler flipping and pitching lines; Smoker Craft has you covered.

You may need additional equipment with a single side console, a tiller, or a walk-through design. It’s all here for you. The boats’ lengths range from 14 to 18+ feet, constructed with wide beams.

How Long-Lasting Are Smoker Craft Boats?

Smoker Craft boats reviews are built to last to withstand the hammering of river and lake water. One of the best examples of the ships is the Hydra-Lift Hull.

Hydra-Life Performance Hull, a one-piece bottom, has been demonstrated in the boats.

This motorbike has a lot to offer in raw power, a comfortable and dry ride, and sharp handling.

Smoker Craft Boats is one of the few fishing boats that may be compared to sports automobiles.

When you’ve got the right combination of the reverse chine hull, 5-keel construction, and unique performance hull tab system, you’ll be able to get a quick and straightforward holeshot.

Additionally, you can expect an agile and stable vehicle at idle and cruising speeds.

Smoker Craft’s Advanced Integrated Rib System (AIRS) is combined with entirely integrated side panel lap strakes and a 5-keel structure to provide the most robust hull in the sea.

This superior design has focused on your following catch rather than your new boat’s safety.

When the weather becomes colder, some of the best fishing possibilities present themselves. While racing across the lake to the precise location, you must remain dry.

Because of its wholly integrated spray rails and its utterly reverse chine, this boat is designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Smoker Craft Boats Reviews

What Concerning Older Smoker Craft Boats?

There have been five generations of the Smoker Craft family in the business. Their ancestry dates back to the year 1921. They used to make most of their cars out of wood.

Based on four decades of experience, they began using aluminum in their fishing boats in 1963.

Lightweight, strong, and long-lasting, these new boats revolutionized the marine industry. This is one of the top models from 1998, Smoker Craft boat review.

BoatTrader is an excellent place to look for used boats if you’re thinking about purchasing an older model. From $12,000 to $55,000, you can buy a boat.

Do They Still Make Components For Older Versions?

Smoker Craft will replace parts from older models as long as they’re still in production. Then, if you’re lucky, it’s possible to find a comparable part for an ancient boat.

You can get replacement components for previous models of Smoker Craft at CoverQuest. List of all the Smoker Craft models that have been released.

On eBay, you may also find Smoker Craft boat parts.

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Smoker Craft Boat Reviews

You’ve probably heard of Smoker Craft boats reviews if you think of purchasing a fishing boat. These boats are reliable and versatile, and they can handle a variety of fishing activities, including nightcrawler fishing, pitching lines across shorelines, and voyaging through swells. You can choose a boat with a tiller for manual steering or a single side console with a single handle. These boats also feature wide beam widths and are built with wide beams.

The Smoker Craft line of fishing boats has a long history since 1921. Older models of Smoker Craft boats were built with wood, but by 1963, fishers were upgrading to aluminum models. This material offers excellent strength, is lightweight, and has long-lasting, maintenance-free performance. In addition, there are no other boats as well-designed or built with a reverse chine hull as Smoker Craft.

Customers have also commented that they had problems with the stock engines. Smoker Craft has fixed this problem by offering a quality replacement. Other noteworthy features include a solid build composition, fresh catch live wells, a hydra-lift hull design, a convenient rod locker, and a Yarblow ventilation system. So if you’re searching for a fishing boat that will go you far, you can’t go wrong with a Smoker Craft.

The Smoker Craft line is the largest manufacturer of aluminum boats. They have five respected brands and hundreds of models to choose from. After over 150 years, the firm is still owned and operated by the same family. This is an impressive feat of longevity. In addition, no other boat company can boast that long-standing leadership can be attributed to the company’s founders. Founder Arthur Schrock and successor Harold Schrock are still active and involved in the company.

Smoker Craft Boats Reviews

What Are Normal Issues With Smoker Craft Boats?

The manufacturer has worked hard to fix a few issues with the original Smoker Craft. Even still, a few clients have complained about the boats’ shortcomings.

Fishing in large bodies of water can be challenging. Tidal waves are too powerful for the aluminum to withstand. As a result, your boat may get pounded if you’re on a large lake or river. When fishing in open areas, take extra care to avoid being harmed.

For Smoker Craft boats, using a trolling motor in windy weather can make them operate less well than they would otherwise. Never go fishing in high winds or a thunderstorm.

All of our boats are designed to last a long time. When properly maintained, it may survive for up to 20 years. However, after years of fishing, you may need to replace parts and the engine if you encounter any issues.

There have been a few instances of loose screws. But the evidence isn’t strong enough.

The Length Of Time Do Smoker Craft Boats Last Compare To Comparable Brands?

Compared to its competitors, Smoker Craft boats are built to last longer. In addition, all of Smoker Craft’s product lines are covered by a warranty.

Smoker Craft offers lifetime limited hull guarantees to back up its claims of being one of the most durable boats. In addition, limited warranties are available for the upholstery, electronic components, vinyl, and grade carpets for six years.

Almost all online reviews state that the reviewer has been using their old fishing boat for over 15 years. In other words, your fishing boat from Smoker Craft will perform flawlessly for at least a decade, in my opinion.

Do Smoker Craft Boats Hold Their Worth?

Having a fishing boat that isn’t worth the money isn’t ideal. However, Smoker Craft boats are still reasonably priced despite their high price.

In some instances, the price tag is as high as $2,000. Boats costing more than $50,000 are also available.

Boats’ 172 Ultima Legacy Edition is a stunning low-cost boat that costs around $39,000. According to the specifications, the Smoker Craft Adventure 188 Pro DC will set you back $45,000.

Are Smoker Craft Boats Still Being Made?

To this day, Smoker Crafts is still making boats. As a result, customers can choose from various vessels in three different series. In addition, many other versions are available in each of these three categories, depending on their size, price, or characteristics.

Fishing boats come in eight varieties, each with its distinct model. Excursion XL, Excursion Pro, Excursion, and Resorter are a few others worth mentioning.

Anger, Big Fish, Voyager, Alaskan, Canadian, and Freedom are some of Smoker Craft’s utility boats. Size and form are available in a wide range of options. For instance, the Big Fish is a larger vessel than the Angler.

Another of their shows is called North American Angler. Phantom, Osprey, Pro Tracer, Pro Lodge, and Sportsman are the brand’s five boat models.

Smoker Craft Boats Reviews

Customer Evaluations on Smoker Craft Boats

A few customer reviews from the iFish forums have been gathered by me. Customers of Smoker Craft boats have shared their comments on the company’s products.

Smoker Craft Lodge was bought two years ago. They are substantially more comprehensive, sturdy bottomed, and higher than the Alaskans. It was employed in tidal waters and lakes like Diamond and Odell. It works well for two men of average size but not so well for a group of three men.

It takes me a run to get up on the plane with three big guys, but it’s a breeze with just two. In the future, I’d choose a 30-horsepower engine. Though more expensive, staying in one of the Lodges is well worth it. A hinged tongue may be an option if space is at a premium. “These boats are built to last!” — Pensacola, Florida.

Fishing in Winchester Bay and Florence, I use an 18-foot open sportsman equipped with a 20-hp Honda engine. I’m in love with it. I am looking to repower uncertain on prop or pump but not sure whether I will put another Honda on it though.” – Timothy.

A 60-hp Yamaha and a 6-hp kicker power my ’96 16′ Pro Alaskan (split seat model). It’s a great set-up. In Columbia, it’s an absolute pleasure to use. During the springer season, I fish with three individuals regularly. Two is the ideal number of people. For the price, it’s a great boat.

As long as you’re aware of the limitations, you’re free to utilize them. “Enjoy yourselves, but be cautious.” In this case, the hooks have two sets of hooks

It is clear from customer reviews that these vessels have high quality. However, they have some downsides in terms of spacing and price.

Smoker Craft boats are popular. However, a few buyers have expressed dissatisfaction with them. They were dissatisfied with the short-lived standard engine supplied by the manufacturer. As a result, the machines had to be replaced with something better.


You should take a look at the build composition offered by Smoker Craft. They provide:

The Smoker Craft’s history is an ongoing improvement spurred on by time spent on the water. Even though their designs have developed over time, every boat is made with meticulous care and attention to detail. As a result, I can now confidently state that Smoker Craft has earned the trust of its global clientele.

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