Best Stingray Boats Reviews (2022)

Stingray Boats Reviews: In lengths ranging from 17 to nearly 28 feet, Stingray produces five different types of boats for fishing and other recreational activities.

Stingray Boats Reviews
Stingray Boats Reviews

Are the brand and its products trustworthy? How can I find out? I’ve checked out Stingray boat reviews to find out. Let us investigate this further.

Exactly How Great Stingray Boats Are?

Stingray is a well-known and respected name in the boating sector for its entry-level, budget-friendly models.

The company can deliver such high-quality boats at such a low price because of the incredible precision in design and superior production process.

The fiberglass hull has significant stability concerns, although, on calm water, it is pretty safe to ride in one.

Exactly How Reputable Are Stingray Boats?

Stingray Boats is a good value for the money. However, even though these boats aren’t the best, I don’t believe they’re cheap.

They have all the necessary features, specifications, and performance to satisfy. But, on the other hand, they aren’t very dependable when sailing in rough waves.

It’s impossible to detect the difference between Stingray boats and high-end boats in calm conditions.

You’ll be impressed by their speed and Z-Plane hull design as well. They have a secret to their boat design’s reliability.

Early adopters of computer-aided design and manufacturing are found at the company.

Because of this, they were able to swiftly and successfully reach perfection.

Seeing the Deep-V hull design, you may think they are more stable in rough seas.

Not, as seen by the feedback we’ve received. But, its slight weight makes it easy to be tossed around by large waves.

Stingray Boats Review
Stingray Boats Review

How Long-Lasting Are Stingray Boats?

Construction material specifications and customer feedback are the best indicators of a product’s longevity.

First and foremost, Stingray boat reviews are made of fiberglass, a robust, long-lasting, and rustproof material.

However, the flexibility of fiberglass has its advantages and disadvantages.

When the waves are large, cracks might form in the ship’s inner hull. However, even if the outside shell is unchanged, the gel coat within may be compromised.

The fiberglass might also be destroyed in severe circumstances. There will be no issues if you’re staying in inland waterways and lakes.

Stingray boats are a good option for those who don’t want to fish in the deep sea and are on a budget.

What Regarding Older Stingray Boats?

Most early boat manufacturing brands were unable to provide dependable vessels.

On the other hand, Stingray has been ahead of the competition in terms of technology and production process.

Users have been delighted with their faster boat since the beginning. The lighter fiberglass hull design is also to be credited.

Stingray has established itself as a reliable brand name, even for older models, thanks to nearly five years of successful operation and a long list of essential features.

Do They Still Make Components for Older Versions?

Is this a yes or no question? There are still parts available for Stingray’s older models.

According to the manufacturer, ten-year-old parts are still available from the current year. To see what components and accessories are available, visit their website.

Additionally, owners are urged to get in touch with their local dealerships. They can make it much easier to locate the required hardware.

However, if it’s a highly unusual occurrence, your only option will be to join multiple well-known forums. Ask the members, and they’ll be able to help you out.

There should be an official forum for Stingray owners to connect with one other.

While some sites like yacht outfitters and the hull truth lack helpful users, other well-known ones like these do.

Amazon and eBay are wonderful sources to acquire original equipment (OEM) parts.

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What Are Regular Issues with Stingray Boats?

Stingray Boats reviews‘ poor performance in turbulent waters is due to the unusual hull structure and usage of fiberglass as the core material.

In addition, the boat’s hull is too thin or light to make clients feel safe or secure. Instead, the hull appears to be very flexible.

However, that isn’t a  Stingray boat problem for everyone because not everyone plans on having fun at the beach.

Here are a few more details concerning the issues. Fiberglass cracks around the transom have been a Stingray boat problem for several owners.

Whenever the plywood meets the hull, delamination occurs. Only a few models have been damaged; this isn’t happening to all of them.

Stingray Boats Problems
Stingray Boats Problems

Stingray Boats Reviews

If you are thinking about buying a Stingray boat, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss Stingray 173CC and 236CC models. Please keep reading for our in-depth reviews of these boats. Then, you’ll be able to decide if the ship is correct for you! Buying a boat should be fun and stress-free, but remember that you should do your research before making any decisions.


Knowing which boat will fit your needs and budget when researching boating is essential. Many Stingray boats are not built for deep-sea fishing, but they are perfect for recreational purposes, from wakeboarding to cruising. Whether you want a boat for two or a nine crew, Stingray boats are a great choice. Listed below are some of their advantages. Read on to learn about their speed and durability.

The design and engineering of Stingray Boats Review have always been at the forefront of the industry. The company is obsessed with quality and innovation, and it is not satisfied with the status quo. The company’s design process emphasizes quality control and meets National Marine Manufacturers Association standards. While Stingray boats are not known for luxurious upholstery, they are built to handle rough water. To help ensure that you buy a reliable ship, check the serial number located 2″ below the rub-rail molding on the transom.

Stingray 173CC

The Stingray 173CC is an all-new fishing boat scheduled for release in early 2022. The new Stingray is built with a 90-hp outboard to provide excellent performance in choppy water. In addition, the ship features a patented Z-Plane hull with crisp tracking and a soft ride-in bay chop. The center console offers plenty of storage and even has space for an optional Porta-Potti.

The 2022 Stingray 173CC is a center console that is affordable and ideal for fishing, water sports, cruising, and general water recreation. The Stingray 173CC is the newest addition to the Stingray line of boats, which have spent the past four decades creating affordable, reliable vessels. Read on to discover why this boat is an excellent choice for your fishing and water sports needs.

Stingray 236CC

There are many of clever features on the Stingray 236CC, but it also performs well. Its 21-degree deadrise Z-Plane hull and comfortable seating make it excellent for family outings. Its spacious bow is ideal for kids or the family dog. The boat also features a head compartment with a porta-potty for those who love to explore the open water.

The 236CC’s seating arrangement is also comfortable for passengers, with forward-facing lounge seats with integrated seatbacks and upholstered side coamings. A flat fiberglass non-skid surface provides easy access to the bow, while a padded seat with a removable filler cushion is also available. In addition, the boat’s seat bases feature storage areas, as does the built-in 74-quart cooler.

For How Long Do Stingray Boats Last Compare to Comparable Brands?

Many Stingray boat owners like to compare their boats to the Bayliner brand, according to several forum posts.

Due to both companies’ reputations as makers of entry-level boats, many people assume that their goods are of substandard quality. In my perspective, this is a far cry from the truth.

Indeed, the corporation has to make concessions to sell these boats at such a low price. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of effort or quality.

Even though fiberglass seems less durable than Bayliner boats to some customers.

Comparisons with more expensive and thicker hulls support the claim. Nevertheless, Stingray’s use case doesn’t require such pricey components.

Furthermore, the longevity of a boat is largely dependent on how well it is cared for by its owners, as neglect can be fatal even to the most expensive vessels.

Do Stingray Boats Hold Their Worth?

Stingray boats’ depreciation value is standard, as it is for the industry as a whole. Because the ships are low-end, the resale value doesn’t change.

Let me give you an example of an owner’s resale experience. After owning and using his 212SC for over five years, one owner decided to sell it.

This particular Stingray boat had a sticker price of a little more than $43500 when it was new. And the price of a 212SC deck boat on the second-hand market is about $32,000.

There is a 27 percent reduction in the depreciation value, which is a decent return on the investment. The same applies to their more expensive boats.

Stingray Boats Reviews
Stingray Boats Reviews

Are Stingray Boats Still Being Made?

Stingray’s 225,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Hartsville, South Carolina, is still producing some of the best boats in the industry.

Expert boat builders and engineers work with the company to create goods that fall into five distinct categories. Deck boats, sports decks, sport boats, center consoles, and dual consoles are examples of this type of boat.

You can now choose from various alternatives in each category to fully personalize your order. Take a look at this 206CC center console.

Based on the options you select, the price of this boat can go up significantly.

Other models have the same issue. But, again, Stingray’s official website is an excellent place to learn more about pricing information.

Client Reviews on Stingray Boats:

Let’s look at some of the feedback from customers about this brand and its items.

According to one user, the independent boat builder has built its name alongside the Genmar and Brunswick monopolies. However, he’s delighted with what he’s seen when it comes to boat quality.

According to another experienced boater, Chaparral Boats should be taken more seriously than Stingray when purchasing a new vessel.

Individual preferences mean that a boat can be good or bad depending on who uses it.

Although the narrow hull is fantastic for speed, it is unsteady in more giant waves because of its design. It’s important to note that the user’s experience is not mine.


That’s all the details I’ve come across so far. I hope you’ve found the answer you were looking for in our Stingray boat review.

To sum it up, they’re dependable and, for the price, offer a respectable level of construction quality. If you treat them as entry-level boats, you won’t have anything to complain about.


Stingray is a well-known and respected name in the boating sector for its entry-level, budget-friendly models.

Stingray Boats is a good value for the money. However, even though these boats aren't the best, I don't believe they're cheap.

Construction material specifications and customer feedback are the best indicators of a product's longevity.

Most early boat manufacturing brands were unable to provide dependable vessels.

According to the manufacturer, ten-year-old parts are still available from the current year. To see what components and accessories are available, visit their website.

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