Tige Boats for Sale: Get a Quality Boat (2022)

Tige Boats for Sale, Tige Boats is a boat brand that focuses on wake sports. Their boats are designed for water skiing, wake surfing, and water skiing.

If you’re in the market for a wake boat, you’ve probably heard of the Tige. Here’s what you need to know!

Satılık Tige Tekneler
Satılık Tige Tekneler

Here’s Why Tige Boats Are The Best On The Water

Tige is considered a high-end brand specializing only in wake sports. The proprietary body design and trim tab system ensure build qualities are among the highest and most time-consuming in the industry. Tige Boats for Sale.

Tige Boats: A Look At Their Rich History

Tige Boats was founded by Charlie Pigeon in 1991 in California. His first boat, the 2000 SLM, was built in 1992, and he and his father brought it to various dealers to show off his design and performance.

Waterski Magazine dubbed the boat “Rookie of the Year” for combining performance, comfort, and practicality for the entire family. The orders began to pour in swiftly, and Pigeon was forced to expand. He relocated the company to Abilene, Texas, in 1994, and set up shop in an old bakery.

Tige Boats’ exponential growth continued, and in 2006, the firm began construction on a new 130,000 square foot state-of-the-art production plant. They had 225 employees at this point.

Even while other companies have come and gone in the notoriously unpredictable marine industry, the company has continued to develop and innovate. Pigeon’s first patent was for the TAPS system (Tige Adjustable Performance System) for creating wakes, and he now has two more (Convex V Hull and Convex VS). Tige Boats for Sale.

ATX Surf Boats, a subsidiary company, was established in 2019. These boats are all designed and produced at the same facility by the same people.

With the acquisition of the ATX brand, the company increased its manufacturing facility by 60,000 square feet, and it now employs 400 people.

The Tige Wakeboat: The Boat that Rocks the Wakeboarding World!

Awake boat’s aim is to generate waves of sufficient size and shape for wakeboarding or wake surfing, and, to a lesser extent presently, water skiing.

Tige, in addition to the ballast, uses its TAPS system and Convex V Hull design to create and shape their waves. Ballast is necessary because the deeper the hull, the more water is displaced and can be molded.

Tige’s Adjustable Performance System has reached its third generation. It is made up of trim tabs that can withstand up to 3 tons of pressure and are millimeter-adjustable.

The Convex V Hull is a patented design that uses the Coanda Effect to shape the water flowing to the stern, forcing the fluid to adhere to a convex surface.

As a result, the water displaced and shaped by the hull is controlled by the TAPS system for maximum diversity in wave generation.

This is more than just marketing jargon; owners and industry professionals have witnessed it develop over the last thirty years.

There are numerous online reviews of the wave quality. A sample statement from 2004, prior to the most recent innovations:

“For what it’s worth, the wake is around to my lower thigh with 4-6 respectable size guys and a 540lb sack in the front.” It’s not just the amount of the wake that’s appealing; it’s also the form. My 22v has a VERY curly wake that will toss you up like a kicker. In terms of width, it’s similar to the 03 and later Xstars, but curvier.”

Tige Boats: More Durable than You Might Think

Satılık Tige Tekneler
Tige Boats For Sale

Tige has garnered favorable feedback for its durability from owners and industry analysts alike since its introduction.

It is hardly an exaggeration to state that they have set a new bar for wake boat performance and comfort.

One of the key reasons for the high quality of Tige boats is that each one is overseen by a dedicated Quality Control Auditor throughout the production process. As a result, each boat has an experienced supervisor who ensures that every step of the construction process is completed correctly. Tige Boats for Sale

The laminating process is time-consuming and requires the use of high-quality fiberglass. It makes a boat that is slightly heavier than many other brands, but this is not a disadvantage because it contributes to the ballast in creating the wave. The hull’s fiberglass is thicker than that of most comparable brands. According to Tige, it is not overbuilding; rather, it is appropriately building.

Tige Boat Strong and Durable, But are They the Best?

Tige employed XL plywood in the construction process, such as the stringers, for the majority of its history.

Even though it was encased in fiberglass and covered by a replacement warranty, it was nevertheless controversial. Tige appears to have discontinued the usage of any wood in their production process sometime in the early 2010s.

Some Tige boat owners were dissatisfied with the upholstery’s durability. Some were required to replace it within ten years. The majority of persons who complained seemed to be from lower latitudes, where the UV is higher.

There have been fewer of these complaints since about 2006, therefore it appears that Tige has updated the material used in the upholstery.

Tige boats’ wiring was not known to be exceptionally good until the late 2000s. Because many brands have a reputation for sloppy wiring, this was not surprising. However, from the early 2010s onward, most owners said that the firm improved its wiring layouts and labeling.

Tige began transitioning its electronics to a different manufacturer in 2017. They used to use Medallion, but now they use Murphy. This has been widely considered as a quality enhancement in electronics, enhancing not only the reliability but also the functionality of the touch screen.

We have noted where issues and problems have emerged in studying various areas of Tige’s durability, but it is crucial to stress that these problems were not ubiquitous. The majority of Tige owners appear to enjoy their boats, and the business addressed dispersed complaints and potential difficulties before they became big issues.

How long do Tige boats usually last before they need to be replaced?

Tige Boats from their early years can still be found on the water.

While the firm has constantly evolved and improved on its models over the years, 1992 models of the 2000 SLM can still be seen on the water in recent videos online and are occasionally for sale.

We discovered no evidence that Tige Boats are prone to rust, either in the hull or on the deck. An online search yielded only one complaint about a soft deck.

Based on this, the hulls are among the most durable in the industry.

The engines, like with other manufacturers, are a slightly different tale. Engines must be serviced and repaired after a given amount of time.

Most Tige Boats appear to endure between 1,500 and 2,000 hours before needing to be rebuilt.

What’s the Latest on Tige Boat Recalls?

Tige has issued a single recall in their 30-year history, according to the United States Coast Guard database on recalls.

It only impacted one boat from the 2013 R20 Z1 range. Not the entire model line, but simply one boat. The electrical system was malfunctioning. In 2016, the matter was closed.

ATX Wake Boats, the subsidiary brand, has had no recalls.

What Makes Tige Boats So Popular?

Satılık Tige Tekneler
Tige Boats For Sale

When Tige’s first model, the 2000 SLM, was presented nationally in 1992, it created quite a stir.

Pigeon showed it to a number of dealers on his way to a Waterski Magazine boat test in Florida. That test was a success, and it piqued the curiosity of everyone in the nascent wake sports sector.

The 2000 SLM established many of the benchmarks that would serve as the foundation for Tige for the next 30 years: exceptional performance mixed with comfort and functionality.

The Z1 was the company’s first successful model, combining all of its features into a small, 21-foot container. It was ultimately replaced in the lineup by the larger Z3, however owing to popular demand, the Z1 has been brought back, slightly updated with the company’s newest improvements.

The Z3 has been a dominant model in contests around the United States. Because of its large passenger capacity, it is a long boat at 23.5 feet and is frequently used as an observation boat during major events.

The Z3 is well renowned for its performance, as it was the first model to use the TAPS system’s second version.

The Z3 has been out of production for a few years, but popular demand has brought it back in an improved form.

The 20RZX is one of their most popular models right now. It is their smallest model at 20 feet, but it is one of the broadest 20-footers on the market, with all of the luxury enhancements to match the company’s performance, including the third version of the TAPS system and their convex V hull.

Tige Boats: Proudly Manufacturing in the USA

Tige Boats have been manufactured in Abilene, Texas, since 1994.

They began in an old bakery, but their ever-expanding business eventually moved them to a larger site a few years later.

Their expansion required them to relocate once more, and they broke ground on their current manufacturing plant in 2006. Originally a 130,000-square-foot building, it has since grown to approximately 200,000 square feet.

Currently, the company employs around 400 individuals. Charlie Pigeon remains Tige’s owner and CEO, as well as the company’s in-house subsidiary ATX Wake Boats.

How good is the warranty on Tige boats?

Tige claims that their Tige5 guarantee is the clearest and most comprehensive in the business.

This is a lifetime replacement warranty on the hull. If the hull fails structurally, it will be replaced. Tige claims that in 30 years, they have never had to repair one of their hulls.

The engine and electronics, including the stereo, have 5-year guarantees. This appears to be a relatively substantial warranty when compared to other manufacturers’ guarantees on non-manufactured items.

A second owner will receive the full warranty.

Find Out Which Brands Produce Boats Similar to Tige Boats

Wake sports have spawned a slew of manufacturers who specialize in them either partially or entirely.

While it is true that they compete, some companies cater to the lower end of the market. Tige’s main rival is at the top end of the market.

When looking at Tige comparisons online, the following five brands are usually mentioned:

  1. Malibu
  2. Mastercraft
  3. Moomba
  4. Supra
  5. Nautique

Tige is often more expensive than Nautique, Malibu, and Mastercraft for equivalent size and amenities. Supra and Moomba are often less expensive.

These brands have their followers, with variances in ride or layout performance causing an owner or observer to prefer one over the other. Other popular brands, such as Axis and Centurion, have devoted fans, but Tige is widely regarded as superior.

Just how much does a Tige boat cost?

Tige boats for sale are available at a variety of costs, ranging from $18,588 in the lower-cost sector to $231,189 in the largest, most modern boats. Higher performance variants currently feature motors with up to 1,196 horsepower, while the smaller, more functional models may have engines with as little as 265 horsepower (although the average engine size is 398 HP).

What kind of boats does Tige Boats manufacture?

Tige offers a variety of boat hull types and styles, including modified v, deep v, and more. These boats are generally considered ideal for traditional surface boating activities such as day trips and water sports. This manufacturer’s boats are currently available with inboard, V-drive and inboard/outboard propulsion systems, as well as gas and other fuel systems.

Why is Tige Boats so popular?

The Tige is known for its Ski and Wakeboard, Bowrider, Pontoon, Personal Watercraft and other classes and models. These accessible boats have a moderate draft and an average width, making them ideal for casual cruising and water sports.

What are the most beautiful Tige Boat models?

Tige models that are now popular include the Z3, Z1, 23ZX, 25ZX, and 21ZX.


Ranging from $18,588 in the lower-cost sector to $231,189 in the largest, most modern boats.

Tige offers a variety of boat hull types and styles, including modified vee, deep-vee, and others. These boats are generally regarded as ideal for traditional on-the-water boating activities such as day cruising and watersports

Tige is well-known for its Ski and Wakeboard, Bowrider, Pontoon, Personal Watercraft, and other classes and models.

Tige models that are now popular include the Z3, Z1, 23ZX, 25ZX, and 21ZX.

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